Recap September Goals

Let's take a gander at what I wanted to see get done this past month.
+ Schedule and take my realtors test to obtain my license.
After almost two months went by, I finally got my butt into the test center - officially licensed!

+ Complete interior decor for the bedroom.
This is about there. The stuff we need (lamps, extra bureau, new bed) will come with time.

+ Save $$$
This is a goal that will continue to always be on my goal list. I'm saving!

+ Sell 5-10 pieces of clothing.
Ugh, nope. I literally have NO MORE SPACE in my closet.

+ Use my gym membership
HA, still don't remember what the inside of that place looks like. So sad.

Check in tomorrow for October's goals!
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It is officially fall here. The weather is cool, long sleeves are being worn, and the AC is off.
My baby Fiddle Leaf fig arrived! 1 foot tall and ready to grow! 
 I finally stopped procrastinating and scheduled an appointment to go take my real estate exam. Officially licensed!

It's definitely Fall in my books, there has been a lot of this business going on.

I just got around to ordering an accent table and TV stand for our living room. So long to that black makeshift bookshelf! Just kidding, we're still keeping it - bar cart! However, with the wheels starting to turn there, I'll give you a hint as to what the theme will be!

 And how about this rooftop view for a quiet night and unwind time.

Both L and I had Sunday off, so we hopped on the train up to North Shore and played around in Ipswich all day. We met my dad at the station, and all three of us indulged in some serious wine tasting and ice cream eating business at Russell Orchards. I'd say we picked apples, but we didn't. That was the game plan, but we weren't really in the mood to take an overly crowded wagon ride out to the orchard in 80+ degree weather to pick overpriced fruit, so we stopped at Hannaford on the way back into Boston and picked up some 33 cent apples for apple crisp. Lame? Maybe a little.

After the Orchard, we headed over to Crane Beach to get our last beach fix in before we get back into our normal weather (I have no idea what all this 80+ degree weather business was all about). Beautiful beach, freezing water. Crane Estate had a wedding going on at the castle so we weren't really supposed to go up there, however one walking trail led to another, which led us to the castle. Big and beautiful!

Happy Monday!
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Fiddle Leaf Fig Love

This may sound like the most ridiculous post ever (because it is)... but this is the story about a girl who bought a baby Fiddle Leaf Fig. 
I originally wanted to start with a big 6ft one, but figured I had absolutely no way of getting one of those home safely. So plan B was to buy a baby one, have it shipped to me, and grow it myself! Fun times. Well, it just arrived about a week ago, and thus far it is adorable.
I'm no plant master, but from the articles that I've read, they say that in order to keep it alive... keep it in indirect sunlight, only water it when the soil is dry to the touch, etc., etc...
...and here's a ridiculous picture of me showing you how big it is.

Although the picture is misleading, the plant is currently about 1 ft. tall, and has 14 leaves.

I'm ready for this sucker to grow!

Update: Me, being an idiot poured fruit juice into the pot to see what would happen. One of the leaves fell off.
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Weekly Review

I had so much more planned for the blog this week and it just didn't happen. Blogger fail. Hopefully next week will bring better organizational and motivational skills my way. In other news, here are 5 Friday links to wrap this week up!

+ I have a hard core crush on these lamps from Pier 1. When I went to the store the other day, they had a 35% off lamps deal going on, but were all out of the honey comb styled ones. Sigh.

+ This chair needs to be in my life. Such an elegant tufted slipper chair.

+ I don't know if this quote could be any more spot on. 

+ I have been living in this tee lately. So comfortable, and so versatile.

+ I still want these elephant book ends. I've said it before, and I'll say it again but these are too cute to not have on anyone's shelf. 
Enjoy the weekend! Fall is coming!

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Feeling slightly overwhelmed by all of the bright and white furniture, bedding and walls, we decided to splurge on a light grey floor rug, and throw in some pops of navy to break things up! I'm not one to have a lot of mismatching furniture, however there was just too much white going on. We chose navy nightstands because they played off of the navy throw pillows and other decorations well, and offset all of the white. 
We ordered these adorable nightstands from Target. They shipped quickly, and were very easy to assemble.

 We liked these ones best thanks to the huge amount of storage that they offer, they were a little taller in height, and they had a door that can hide it all. We're considering putting decorative paper on the other side so that all of our junk can't shine through.

I love the navy and white!

Next up! We desperately need to get a boxspring on that bed!
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Besides sitting by the window waiting for my several shipped packages to arrive, I do have a few weekend shenanigans to share with you.
Two out of the three rugs that I ordered have arrived. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. I'm ecstatic. I love them both. Once the third arrives, I'll write up a little post for ya. 
Here's a sneak peak in the mean time.
My friend scored some Sox tickets to Saturday's game and invited me to come along. We got lucky with seats that were right by home plate, and an hour rain delay decent weather. Fun was had, overpriced drinks were bought, and I was suckered into their oh so tempting marketing scheme. Hello $10 poncho, $5 foam finger, and $20 in terrible food.
Sunday was a lazy day morning, which consisted of our weekly scrambled eggs and toast, as well as a stroll around the North End.
Morning laughs with this chick. Every minute of every day I find this girl staring at herself in the mirror. My vain cat.

I bought a fiddleleaf fig on Sunday. On amazon. I bought a plant on amazon and it's supposed to be shipped to me. We'll see how this works out. I've been wanting a fiddle leaf fig for our living room for a while now and wasn't sure how to go about getting one.  I bought a baby one that I'm supposed to nurture and care for so that it grows to become a tree. Has anyone ever had a fiddle leaf fig? Thoughts?
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Happy Monday!
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Weekly Review


5 Friday Links to wrap this week up!

+ I can't believe I don't own these yet. So fun, so fashionable, and so versatile.

+ If you are in the market for a fresh, new look for your home, check out this sale - ends today!

+ I've had my eyes on this Longchamp, and this tote from L.L. Bean!

+ Speaking of L.L Bean, I've been meaning to invest in these boots to get me through the winter.

+ 24 Small New England Towns you absolutely need to visit, and 21 Foods New England does better than anywhere else - so accurate.

Enjoy the weekend!
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