Thirteen Things for Thursday

I'm throwing my Friday thoughts at you a day early so that tomorrow I can wrap the month up with goals that did/n't happen. You know how on top of the ball I have been lately, seeing that last Friday's thoughts debuted basically on Tuesday
My beloved puffer vest came in the mail yesterday and I haven't taken it off since.  
Correction: I took it off to eat some rice, and I came back to find Macy cat lying on it after she had punched some holes through it. This is why we can't have nice things.
 So much attitude.
The North End has there doggie trick-or-treating tonight at 6. Everyone meets at the Richmond Street dog run and then walks around the neighborhood commencing with other dog friends and receiving lots of treats. How cool would I be if I hooked my cat up to a leash and walked around the neighborhood with her. That might be weird. She does have one heck of a cute cow costume though.
  The invitation DOES say that "Pets of all shapes and sizes are welcome!"

Speaking of costumes! What is everyone going to be for Halloween? I'm going to be a bartender. A depressed one at that. Here's to Halloween number 50 of having to work this Holiday. But hey, If it means I can have Thanksgiving and Christmas off, I'll take it!
I have the Christmas bug... bad! If you couldn't already tell from yesterday's post I am head over heels stoked. Gifts have already started to arrive in the mail, and today I bought this beautiful metallic cardstock paper to make gift tags out of! 

I can only hope they look this good!

Favorite snacks... Nutella and dark chocolate covered pomegranates and Acai/blueberries. Yes folks, that's a spoon. #noselfcontrol
I've been mixing myself up a really fruity and scrumptious drink lately which I named the Coconut Sunrise. Laugh it up now guys, all my friends do.
It's Absolut Raspberri, Peach Schnapps, Malibu Rum, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice, and OJ.
Anyone can make it, and I'm sure it's already a founded "drink" on somebody's menu, but hey... this is what I need sometimes.
Have you guys been following this story about Brittany Maynard? She's very young (29), and is suffering from a brain tumor that will eventually end her life, however she has decided to die with dignity on November 1st by taking a fatal dose of barbiturates.
I bought a 5' x 8' rug that I don't think fits the scheme of my apartment as much as I wanted it to. Does anyone in the Boton area want to take it off of my hands? It's a fun pattern and will go with almost anything (it's grey and white). $50, Boston North End.

Speaking of selling, I'm looking to sell my lightly used brown Longchamp Le Pliage MINI Tote. There is a little wear on the bottom of the bag and in the corners, but it is still very cute and functional! Note: this is the mini version! $40

I've been feeling weak lately... as in no muscle strength what so ever. I want toned arms... don't we all. So I have started to do 10 pushups in the morning and then another 10 at night before I go to bed. I plan on increasing this number by 1 each day so that in a year I can do 365 in a row twice a day. HA, I kid. I'll probably maybe MAYBE peak at 50... if I'm feeling ambitious. So I started this little regime 4 days ago, and I cannot believe how SORE I am. My abs, my back, my face is as red as a tomato after 5... it's just 20 pushups a day. How is this possible? Reality check... I'm out of shape.

I heard that the 2014 Budweiser Clydesdale Horses commercial has just recently been filmed in Boston. A friend of mine shot a video of them going through the city, and this article says that "the Budwesier Clydesdales are on City Hall Plaza today (10/09) through Sunday as a Budweiser video crew shoots one of its "responsible drinking" ads at a couple of local bars over the weekend". I think I love the comments the most... "They're filming a responsible drinking commercial and they chose Boston"? haha Oh Boston.
 On a different note.. Boston's longest serving mayor, Thomas Menino, passed away this morning at age 71 after fighting a courageous battle with cancer. So sad. 


Stay tuned tomorrow to see how my October goals went. I can tell you one goal that has yet to be completed **cough** the gym **cough**.

Thank Goodness It's Thursday!!
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Christmas State of Mind

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!
I'm that person. 
Come November 1st, I officially start all of my Christmas ordering, shopping, packaging and wrapping so that when December 1st rolls around, the tree is up, and the presents are displayed under the tree for me to stare at for the entire month of December. 
I want all of this done by December 1st so that I can sit back, relax and indulge in other December activities like skating, skiing, gingerbread house decorating, holiday dinners, parties, parades, snowman building, Grinch watching, tree decorating, baking my weight in cookies and every other stereotypical Christmas activity. It's ALL going to happen!
I also want this to be practically done by December 1st because Christmas comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and I want to stare at the Christmas tree/stocking scape for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Something about those twinkling lights, stockings hung, and beautifully wrapped presents just puts me in a great mood 24/7!
 Not that Christmas shopping isn't fun, believe me... I love it! I just don't want to be running around  like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find gifts last minute. No thanks. 
So without further adieu, I will share with you some Christmas shenanigans that I have had my eyes on lately. What did people do before Pinterest?
Also, I'm sorry if you're not a Christmas person and I just bombarded you with all this exciting stuff too early. L tells me I get too excited and abandon the other holidays. I'm sorry Halloween and Thanksgiving! I really am.
I want to buy this stamp to make gift tags.  
 Merry Christmas Stamp
This spectacular wrapping job is going to be attempted. I love the simple look.
Perfect Wrap Job
If we did Christmas cards, they would be this fabulously crisp. They're 100% recycled too!
The Cutest Chrismas cards
I'm curious to see if this actually works. I'm sure it does! 
Winter Simmer
This "look" will hopefully be recreated in my living room.
Log and Pine Decoration
I need someone to make these for me. Mommmm!!?
Cable-knit Stockings
Because it is...
The Most Wonderful Time of The Year Sign
This alpine bed set warms my heart!
 Alpine Bed Set

 These need to be on my table scape right meow!

 Place Setting

This is what all of my friends will be receiving. So simple!

Hot Chocolate Done Right

Last but not least...
The perfect Christmas planner for all of you type A organizing junkies!

 Christmas Planner

Have I planted the seed yet!?
 I am so, so sorry. I can't help myself.
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Friday Thoughts on Monday

Getting an extremely late start on this - I can explain. I had all intentions of going live with this post on Friday.. ya know.. like every other Friday, BUT.. I had to catch up on three seasons of Scandal... so that happened.
I am getting comfortable with my new job working in the real estate field with Elite Boston Landmark Realty.  I have truly loved living in the North End of Boston for the past year and cannot think of a better way to appreciate and share the neighborhood more than to help others find their new home here. There's so much to learn, and so many neat places to check out that I continue to discover day after day. I started a professional page on facebook if you're looking to find a place in the area, or just want to follow along!

image via (interesting link, btw!)
I take classes very part time, and am slowly but surely working my way through all of the necessary biology classes and other prerequisites required to graduate. I'm only 10 classes away from that piece of paper. Seeing this the other day made me stop and realize... "this long road is coming to an end, someday".
Scandal. I wanted to like this show because everyone else does, and man am I addicted to it. I started from square 1 last week and am already all caught up.. 3 seasons later. To say there was a lot of lying in bed, procrastinating and popcorn eating this week is an understatement. 
 image via
  This recipe made my day. It is the easiest and sweetest scoop of perfection that I've had in awhile. Yum!

I put my fancy pants on this past Thursday and went out to the Fairmont Battery Wharf for a wine tasting event for the Jimmy Fund. I believe I have found my new favorite winery. I'm not much of a wine drinker, and when I am... it's moscato and other sweetness. One of the tables, Plymouth Bay Winery offered very sweet selections including apricot, raspberry and my favorite, widow's walk! Did I mention they also make dips out of their wines as well. My favorite, "What'ta Pair" tasted just like apple pie filling. After the wine tasting extravaganza we all went out to eat at the wonderful and popular North End Italian favorite, Bricco!
image via 
  I began my Christmas list constructing and purchasing this past week. I think I'm more excited about wrapping the gifts than anything else! I'm thinking this years theme is going to look a little but like this!
 image via
Happy Monday! 
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Hey, hey it's Friday!

 My week in a nutshell! 
I've been crushing on all things natural and textured lately (hence the theme of my living room). You can only imagine my excitement when I came across this eclectic collection of acadia frames that now live on the floating shelves on my living room wall.

 Hi, my name is Kaylie and I have a Chipotle addiction. I could eat here all day, every day - so good. I'm drooling over this picture as I type.

 I found myself some cute pumpkins for our living room. Love, love, love.
Like how I angled the picture so you could catch another glimpse of my fiddle leaf fig and my new accent table? Obsessed. I'm simply just obsessed.

L and I hopped on a train up to Salem on Sunday and spent some time roaming around the place checking out all of the insanely good decorations and events that were happening. The capital of Halloween was so, so busy and was filled with tons of people dressed up and drunk, it was great! Like our costumes? We dressed as cold and unprepared 20-something year olds.

I spent the better part of my day today running around the North End trying to find pumpkin puree for some homemade pumpkin cookies and frosting. You would think that they sell this stuff at CVS or one of the small grocery stores here, but they really don't. Sad. I finally found some at the Golden Goose. Whew! For a second there I thought that I was going to have to hike it up to Whole Foods.
Ahh yes and that pumpkin deliciousness came out looking a little bit like this...
homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting should be illegal. I used this recipe!
I shared some of my fall fashion must haves yesterday. I'm no fashion blogger by any means... but these are some essentials that I insist be in everyone's closet come the chilly months!
I'm off to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie "The Best of Me" tonight. Looks super sappy and romantic... I'll be the one crying in the corner of the movie theater - look for me!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Fall Fever

What is Fall without these?
This skirted dress coat is geared more towards winter, but it can certainly be flaunted around in those chilly fall months as well! What can't you love about the shirred waistband and standing collar?

I just recently invested in this quilted puffer vest after waiting several weeks for it to go on sale. This vest was made for October and it's surrounding months!
 I love this classic button-down shirt in plaid and would love to see it paired with the vest above!
Elbow patches are such a thing now, and this cozy warmspun swingy elbow-patch sweater is at the top of my list!
I'm really excited about finding these fleece-lined flannel shirts! Whether you wear them under a vest, as a jacket or a night shirt, this multifunctional top will keep you warm!
Buy these Bean Boots right now. Right now!
I wear my Hunter's religiously in the winter and would love to add these Short Wellington Boots to the collection. Rain or snow these are sure to keep your toes warm.

What's in your fall closet??
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