HOW TO: Add Social Media Icons to your Sidebar (Blogger)

09 September 2015

I do not consider myself an expert blogger or html master by any means, however whenever I learn something new that benefits me, and I know will benefit others I do feel compelled to share so that you can give it a shot as well! 

After over two and half years of my blogging career, I have finally created and added social media icons to my sidebar!

I'm always looking to do things myself, so when I came across Emily's video from Blogoholic Designs, I quickly (as in half an hour) followed suit and created my own social media icons! Thanks Emily! In an effort to help relay the information, I have attached the link to Emily's video, as well as step by step instructions that demonstrate how I was able to create the buttons! I hope you are able to find this very helpful and informative!

I searched "social media icons" on Pinterest, and decided to go with these ones from green leaf imaging. Make sure that you are legally able to download them from the designer.

Once you have downloaded the icons to your computer, open the files that you would like to implement on your blog and resize them to your desired size. The original size of the icons that I used were too large so I adjusted them all to be 0.15" x 0.15" with a resolution of 180 pixels. They did appear blurry after I changed them, however they turned out fine on the blog. I double clicked on each image and used the standard mac "preview" application to adjust the size (click tools > adjust size...). Notice the significant size difference in size once it was adjusted.

VERY IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT PUBLISH THIS POST. This step was used to help create an HTML format/code for the sidebar. Emily recommended naming the post "SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS: NO NOT PUBLISH OR DELETE". 

Click the "Insert Image" button and select each of the icons that you would like to use. Line the images up horizontally by backspacing in between each one, and make sure each icon is centered. I went ahead and put two spaces in between each icon. The bottom picture demonstrates how it will look on my blog.

Click on an icon and then click the "Link" button. Highlight and add the corresponding link to that button. Simply copy the link from the webpage, and paste it into the box. I like to click the "open this link in a new window" button so that my original blog page doesn't disappear. Do this with each of your icons. If you plan on using the "mail" icon and would like to connect an email address, be sure to click the "email address" button and inset your desired email address.

You have been working in the "compose" section, so now you need to click the HTML button and switch everything over to the HTML coding. Copy that code.
Open up a new page with blogger and click on the "layout" tab.
On the lower right hand side, click "Add a Gadget", and select the "HTML/JAVA SCRIPT" option.
Copy your HTML code into the box and give the box a label if you would like to, some prefer not to.
Click "SAVE" > "SAVE ARRANGEMENT" > "VIEW BLOG" to see the completed project.

Test the buttons out to make sure each one correlates to the appropriate link.

Good luck!

I've linked Emily's video below. If you use Wordpress, she has a tutorial here that will help!

2nd Bostanniversary - 24 Months of Boston

18 August 2015

August 1st marked L and I's second year of living in this beautiful and breathtaking city. 
In honor of our second year, I want to take you through this past year. 

L and I moved from our old apartment into our new apartment in the North End. We moved exactly one street over. 

Received my real estate license and started working in the North End!

Got our Halloween fix in and played in Salem.

Received our first snowfall in November!

Celebrated our birthdays and lots of Christmas fun!

Played with Boston's incredible and record breaking winter.

Spent a lot of time playing in the mountains.

Had a fun weekend skiing and hiking Tuckerman's Ravine in North Conway.

Celebrated Easter with a beautiful Old North Church service.

Walked out of work a little bit richer after my horse won the Kentucky Derby!

Painted our souls away at Paint Nite.

Took the Boston Harbor Cruise ferries out to the Harbor Islands to play around and enjoy the parks.

Check out our first year of Boston here!

Here's to year number three!
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Myrtle Beach - Year 4

14 August 2015

L's family makes a trip down to beautiful South Carolina every year, where we get our yearly dose of Myrtle Beach fun in the sun. This year was no exception, as we once again stayed oceanside at the Sandy Beach Resort and spoiled ourselves silly. While we are always looking for fun little city get aways, this is usually one of our bigger trips that we look forward to all year round. There is something about palm trees and sinking your feet in the sand with a Carolina Quench in your hand.

We arrived in Charleston a few days earlier and invested some time in learning about the area (potential new home? maybe?). In addition, we also spent a few days with my grandparents playing on and exploring the plantation that they recently moved to. We ended up kayaking all over the lake and achieved our ultimate goal of spotting a baby alligator hanging by the brushes. L and I made the mistake of exposing our city skin to those Carolina rays leaving us with many kisses from the sun. I haven't burnt myself like that since I was a lifeguard, and am paying for it now... peeling like a snake! 


We headed up to Myrtle Beach after a few days where we spent every single day toasting in the sun and getting our salty water fix in. Needless to say, after L's sister took a pretty nasty sting from a jellyfish, we opted to spend the rest of the time in the pools. L and I were in need of some beach towels, so I went ahead and picked up two of these Land's End Rugby Towels before our trip, which are still on sale for $20 if you're in the market. They're over six feet long, and extremely comfortable to lay on. 

We had a few sand castle competitions and without a doubt, the girls castle lasted the longest against the incoming tide. Our method: build up! Eventually, it did come crashing down. Not without a fight though! 

Side note: If you're looking for a bathing suit top that stays on in the ocean, I am sold on Lululemon's salty swim top. It's equivalent to a sports bra, is reversible and drys extremely quickly. That is because there is no support. Definitely not something I would wear in the cold New England ocean, however in the sunny and warm South. I was all set, no issues here! The bottoms however did not work at all for me. I like something with a little more coverage, and unfortunately the options that they offered just didn't do it. 

We all had a little fun at both of the outlets, and I ended up coming home with a new wristletwalletdresssports bra and shirt, not to mention it was tax free weekend so I can kind of justify it. I ran out of clothes, and by the end of the week I started wearing my purchases!

We ate out every night and had some pretty delicious feasts, if I do say so myself. A few of these places included, Hominy Grille (Charleston), Duffy's Tavern (Boardwalk), Pier 2, Goodfellas (NMB), Abuelo's, Outback, The Liberty (Broadway at the Beach), Sticky Fingers, and we can't forget the dozens of donuts from Krispy Kreme that we inhaled for breakfast! Just typing those places out make me want to eat lunch again, so delicious! 

I really wish I would've snapped some more photos from our trip, but I was all concerned about taking video clips that it slipped my mind. Be sure to check out the video below that I put together that encapsulates all of the fun and memories from our week!

We're already dreaming about next years trip!

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My Sisters: A Diploma and A Ring

01 June 2015

We were all Ohio bound last weekend to celebrate my youngest sisters high school graduation at the beautiful Western Reserve Academy. I wish I had more pictures to show you how gorgeous this campus and the town of Hudson is, because it truly is a gem located in Ohio. A handful of our family stayed close by at the West Branch State Park, while a few of us were fancy and opted for a hotel (us city slickers don't have any gear!).

The first evening, while at the campsite waiting for everyone to arrive, my oldest sister drove up with her boyfriend, Nate, and began to unpack all of their gear. Everyone ran up to greet them, and my aunt started to congratulate them. BAM! My sister had the most beautiful rock planted on her finger! SHE HAD JUST BEEN PROPOSED TO! I was in complete disbelief! Eventually, after a couple minutes, it clicked, and I was in tears. So excited for those two! Ends up, the night before, Nate had proposed to her in front of the chapel of WRA where she also went to school and graduated.

Where did they meet? The Appalachian Trail! 
While hiking two separate trails (The Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail), the two converge into one for a couple miles in Vermont. Fate would have it that when those two trails converged, my sister who was hiking the Long Trail, and Nate, who was hiking the Appalachian Trail met each other at the Seth Warner Shelter House! They continued to hike with each other until the trails went their separate ways, and Nate headed off to Mount Katahdin, and my sister went towards Canada. 7 months later, they started emailing, and later on Nate move up to Ohio from Virginia to be with her. Is that not the most adorable story ever?

We celebrated the graduation of my beautiful younger sister on Sunday. She is so fortunate to have been able to clock four years in at that academy, it is something else! We had post graduation cake and fruit, followed by a huge dinner with all of the family, and some frozen yogurt at Lulu's. So many exciting celebrations.

In other news, the new owners closed on our beloved Ohio farm last week. So many memories from growing up on that amazing, one of a kind property! I hope the new family loves it as much as we did! Even though it's been two years since I have lived there, it was very B I T T E R S W E E T.

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My Closet Staples

15 May 2015

As I was getting dressed the other day I realized that I have some S E R I O U S favorites in my closet that I incorporate into my everyday outfits pretty regularly. In fact, I don't think I know how to build an outfit without these 10 items! Luckily my closet is on the smaller side, which doesn't allow for a lot of "extras" that end up getting pushed to the back or buried under piles. What I have hangs right in front of me, or folded in a bureau close by and I'm well aware of each and every piece of clothing I own (I do have a bin that I alternate winter/summer clothes). 

I tend to stick to the classics that will grow with my style, can be coordinated with a handful of different outfits, and will be around for a long time. I am not a clothes hoarder, in fact my new rule is "one thing in, one thing out". So whether I donate or sell it, I try to lighten the load before I add more to it! These versatile staples are the foundation to my closet and get used A L O T... makes getting dressed every morning so much easier too!

10 Closet Staples

Here are my staples in action!

Every girl should own a black dress (similarsimilar)! It really truly is a piece that you can throw on for any occasion. Dress it up for a formal event, or dress it down for work. 


If I could call you up right now and tell you how comfortable and flattering this Vince tee is, I would! I have never owned a more comfortable tee before in my life! The color block is fun, and hits you in all the right places (I'm wearing a medium). I honestly can't believe I haven't purchase another one yet! Also, those skinnies I'm wearing are glued onto my body 24/7/365. If I had it my way, I would probably never take them off, ever. I've worn them in so well! (:


I found this chambray top a couple of years ago at Maurice's (similar, similar, similar) and wear it all of the time. In fact, I'm wearing it right now as I type this post. It's very breathable and another great piece to dress up or down - I wear this skinnies/chambray outfit into the office all of the time! This is also my favorite "plane wearing" outfit (if that's a thing?), It keeps me so warm, and again... extremely comfortable!


I own way too many of these oxfords. Every time I'm in RL, I end up picking out another and another and they all get plenty of use! My favorite thus far is the classic white oxford (I'm wearing size 2, and it's starting to get a little snug on the shoulders). I mentioned these boardwalk shorts (similar) from J. Crew on here before, and I think they're worth mentioning again. I love the pattern and color, and even though they're bright and bold, I've been able to pair them with a handful of grey, white, and black tops! Love my neutrals! Oh! and they have pockets!! (I'm wearing size 2).


I bought these jeans (skinny version) from the outlets in North Conway this past winter and lurve with a capital URVE them. I needed a comfortable pair that weren't skinnies that I could slip on and off easily. Oh look, there's that white oxford making another appearance (; Those Tory Burch Thora sandals (my most recent purchase) are a new addiction for me.


I can't say enough good things about this oxford, can I? Dressing it up with my favorite seersucker skirt (similar) from Ann Taylor. This skirt is so flattering, and is the perfect length for me. Another favorite that usually finds it's way into an outfit a couple times a month!


Last but not least, I cannot stress the need for a good down filled puffer vest (similar). These vests go with me everywhere for all seasons. I probably own three? Maybe it's from the ever changing Boston weather, but you NEVER know when it's going to be a tad overcast, or a deceiving sea breeze sneaks by. The other day it went from 79º to 59º in a matter of hours? I wore these almost everyday in the winter, and now I keep one in my bag just in case. I wore one today and it's 65º ! Granted, when it's in the 80's and 90's, I usually leave it at home ;) J. Crew no longer carries this exact one, but there are certainly other great ones out there!


What are YOUR closet staples? Do you carry a puffer vest around with you everywhere too because of crazy Boston/Northeastern weather!? Please share so I can go buy them and add them to my collection! (:
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