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31 January 2016

I sure was hoping I'd have a little more to share with you concerning this month, however I was sadly disappointed when I went to flip through my phone and realized I had hardly taken any pictures this month. Big fail on my part. 

I don't remember if I shared this picture on here or not, but this is back when I was traveling to and from Ohio over the holidays. After arriving at the very crowded airport, Channel 7 approaches me to interview me... sure! Why not? I got frisked at security because my sweater contained too much holiday cheer (foil), my gate is switched three times... I bought myself a frosty to make myself feel better. The plane finally arrives and we board 45 minutes late, we sat on the runway for 3 hours while they put the wings back on the plane and other airport jargon. They deplane us because the flight crew has reached their 9 hour max flight time, and as passengers we had hit our three hour preflight sit time. They put our fully booked flight up at the Hilton and I indulge and order room service while watching SVU... what I learned... if you ever have a crappy day, pizza and fries will make everything alright! Seriously though, some of the best food I've had in awhile!!

My love for organization continues... my most recent obsession... these containers
I ordered three after Christmas to help corral and organize our many odds and ends and just ordered one more to house my seasonal clothing. They're sturdy, weathertight, and clear! As our camping gear and other collections grow, these will be perfect to keep everything tidy and pretty!

 In January, we had our holiday party for one of my jobs and I might just have lucked out with my secret santa! She seriously hooked it up for me! Complete with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, a blanket, matches, fly swatters, playing cards, a first aid kit, bug candles, mints, mini camping utensils, hot cocoa, a tumbler, and a cooler! The perfect kit of camping goodies! Such a sweet gift, and the presentation was on point!

 After over a month without Macy Cat, I'm happy to say that we are off to Maine tomorrow to pick her up and bring her back to her little home in Boston. We brought her to Maine to stay with family while we traveled and are ready to have her back. Keep in mind that this cat hasn't been outside in 2+ years, so this crazy snow adventure was life changing for her. She's not a fan though... she's a city cat at heart. (:

Hopefully next month I will have a few more updates and pictures!! (:
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30 January 2016

[this time last year - relaxing in Boston Common]

  • Buzzfeed. I was checking the traffic sources for my Etsy shop and noticed that Buzzfeed was one of my big sources. I found the article and saw that they featured my cleaning kit printables in their post. Pretty cool! I admit, I did text my mom and sisters in excitement! Guys, I have so many plans for that little shop... just you wait! ;)
  • This dress... if only it wasn't over $400! Does anyone know of any dupes that are maybe a fraction of that price tag!?
  • February 14th. Coming this Valentine's Day... Swanluv. Has anyone heard of this yet? Supposedly, if you apply and are approved this company will give you up to a $10,000 loan that can go towards your dream wedding. If you stayed married forever you don't have to pay it back at all! However, if you get a divorce you have to pay back the entire loan plus interest!
  • Everywhere. This is where you should be each month of the year! Book on Tuesdays, fly on Wednesdays, travel in January! 
  • Did this happen in the first place? I frequently use and depend on Uber for any transit in and around the city. I can't imagine ever acting this way towards a driver let alone to anyone! She has apologized since then so hopefully everything works out for the best. 
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
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28 January 2016

I can't say enough good things about this incredible company. Scattered primarily along the East Coast with a few stores here and there in the midwest, L. L. Bean is most commonly known for their iconic hunting boots that were created by their founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, over 100 years ago! A recent rise in popularity has put these handmade boots in HIGH demand resulting in backorders that last for months. As they should be, these boots are not only worth the reasonable price tag on them but also the 5+ month wait that they might be on! My mother bought me mine as a Christmas gift a while back a couple Octobers ago, and I received them 5 months later in March. Don't worry though, L.L. Bean kept me updated through email and also hooked me up with a boot for MacyCat... I mean keychain. ;)
If you ever get the chance, I highly suggest you make your way up to Freeport, Maine and explore all of their stores, you will be in L.L. Bean heaven. L and I own a handful of things from them, including our newest additions, a sleeping bag and camp pillow.
Back to the boots! They offer it all! Here are a few listed below with links, there are even more on the L. L. Bean website!

Please know that there are a lot of brands out there that have replicated the duck boot look. Despite the physical similarities, I cannot attest that they have the same premium, long lasting quality that L. L. Bean offers. To make sure you have a product handmade by the team at L.L. Bean look for the "Bean Boots by L.L. Bean" stamp on the back of each boot.

I attached a video below from L.L. Bean's Youtube channel that demonstrates how the boots are made from scratch!

This is a product that I would honestly recommend to ANYONE!

**This is not a sponsored post and I do not work for L. L. Bean. I am just a New England girl who loves and appreciates her beloved bean boots and wants to share the love!
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27 January 2016

Ready. Set. Reset!
Put your Sunday to work prepping you for the next week!

  • Technically you're supposed to send your sheets through the wash every three days, however if that's not feasible, at least try to get those sent through the wash on your Sundays! There is no better feeling than crawling into bed surrounded by fresh sheets! By the way, I recently made the switch to Tide PODS, and it couldn't make this chore any easier! No more lugging an entire bottle of laundry detergent down to the laundromat, all I have to do is throw two of these into my laundry basket and we're good to go! Plus, everything comes out smelling amazing!!

  • My desktop background starts to disappear by the end of the week from saving photos, paperwork and projects directly to it. I try to make folders as I go, however when that doesn't happen I usually sort through them on Sundays and file them accordingly.

  • I am 10x more likely to eat a healthy, well-balanced meal when it is planned out and appropriately proportioned out for me. I look at the week ahead, plan out my meals and put the right measurements of food into these delitainers (fyi... they ship in huge quantities). Each container holds one cup and makes it easy to grab and go. If I'm preparing a meal from scratch at home, everything is already measured out and cut up!

  • I live my life by a to do list. I keep a running list in my notes app where I'll add and delete tasks as they are completed. This isn't ever anything elaborate, however it does remind me to do simple things like my laundry, go to the post office, bank, upcoming deadlines, projects, etc. When I look at the week ahead, I'll update it and make sure everything that I completed is crossed off! 

  • Digging through my closet and bureau is not something I enjoy doing in the morning which is why I am finally mastering the art of planning out my outfits for the week ahead of time. After months of cleaning out my closet, I feel as though I have finally found my staples which does make putting an outfit together much easier! 

  • No week is ever the same which is why I am constantly referring to my calendar to keep me in check. I used to use a daily planner, however I found my iPhone to be the most efficient these days. It's easy to input dates, it's always on me, and it syncs to the cloud so that I can access it on other devices. I like to look at my week in advance and reference to it throughout to make sure I don't miss any important due dates, appointments or meetings.

  • I'm currently using a black crossover (similar) as my go-to bag and I love it! The convenience of being hands free and constantly having everything very accessible is the best! My only problem is... despite it's size, it become a blackhole for receipts, business cards, tissues and bobby pins! I've found that if I stay on top of it and take everything out of the bag at the beginning of the week, it doesn't build up as much! I strip it down to the essentials each week and am good to go!

  • I don't know if this will ever be possible for me, however I do dream of a world with a clean inbox. Between my school, work, blog and two personal email addresses, my inbox is constantly flooded daily with mail that needs read and addressed. I do love that all of my gmails are in one place and would love to eventually get the other two under that server as well. In the meantime I have implemented a new rule for myself where I will not open an email unless I have time to respond, reply, and file it right then and there. This helps me to avoid opening emails and forgetting to respond. I'm currently working through deleting old, old emails that make everything look cluttered.

How do you reset your week?

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26 January 2016

Every one has a little bit of clutter in their life, no matter who they are. After looking around at our already very small apartment, it dawned on me that I had a few things that could definitely be removed from the ever growing collection that is our stuff. Inspired my this list of things that can be disposed, I poked around and found a handful of items that I felt didn't need to live in our home anymore.

  • This sounds silly, but we have so much alcohol in out apartment. I don't know where it came from and why we have it, but we are not big drinkers, and when we are... we stick to beer and wine. Honestly, if we hosted people frequently (which we don't really do that often) then maybe it would be worth keeping around. However, I have friends who would get much better use out of this than we would. After all, all they do it collect dust. The good stuff is in the fridge ;)
  • Let me clarify... cardboard boxes, not organizing containers. For some reason, cardboard boxes end up collecting in our bedroom from amazon and J. Crew shipments, and I never throw them out in fear that I will need them to ship some random thing. This includes shoe boxes. I realize that some boxes may be worth keeping because they are from nice brands and look pretty, however there is just no space for us to do that. I think that I would prefer to store my nicer shoes in acrylic containers like this anyways... that is of course if there was space. Almost all of the boxes went out for recycling Friday morning.
  • For a little while I received the weekly People magazine as a "thank you" from Saks off 5th... however I NEVER read them and now they sit in our bathroom and collect dust. In addition to those, we also have an eclectic collection of shopping and finance magazines that live there now as well. I'm not going to read them, they're old, and look messy. They're outta here!
  • So many. I finally have a method down for hairties. I've been keeping all of the nice ones that are still new and stretchy on a carabiner, while all the others fall to the bottom of the drawer. I think it's time I say my good byes. They aren't doing anything for me.
  • Lots of change, all the time, and it's really heavy! I've narrowed it down to two or three jars, and now all I have to do is haul it to the bank and run it through the machine. I have already made leaps and bounds in this department, and am now just trying to finish the project up. That's money, people!
  • Maybe it's because TD banks are like dunkin' donuts here... but I am usually finding a TD bank pen in my purse at least once or twice a week! I really don't need that many, and know of a great cause for all of your extra pens. Donate your unused or unwanted pens to your local restaurants. Believe me, the servers and bartenders NEVER have enough. That's where mine went!
  • I'm a tupperware snob. After getting into meal planning and buying containers that help me keep everything organized, I have shunned the mismatching sets. I stick to these DELItainers, and my beloved sistema ones and dropped the mismatchy ones off at the Goodwill... they're still in great shape and very useful!
  • I am always getting rid of clothes that do not fit or that I do not wear. eBay has been my best tool thus far. I get such a rush of excitement every time something is bought, PLUS I'm getting rid of stuff that takes up space. Win, win! I've been trying very hard for the past forever or so to get my closet down to just the staples and purge it of items that shouldn't be there. 
I'll have to continue to reference back to that list to help de-clutter my life! What other items do you find yourself getting rid of?

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LOVE Coupons for Valentine's Day!

25 January 2016

The day of love is right around the corner and will be here before you know it! I asked L last night what he wanted to do for Valentine's Day, however we ended up shaking our hands and laughing... after all, we end up working every. single. valentines day anyways. What can ya do? We usually like to enjoy some yummy Italian cuisine in the North End (L'Osteria is one of my favorites!) and have a movie night afterwards! It's the best and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Needless to say, per our conversation on the topic last night, I felt inspired to put together a fun book of LOVE COUPONS to add to my Etsy shop. Homemade gifts are always the most meaningful, and this felt like a fun way for people to distribute something special to your special someone! 

I included a front page and back page for the book, as well as a page of additional blank coupons for you to personalize. Don't worry! All of the coupons are very PG and offer a fun pink ombre theme.
I ended up printing mine on shiny card stock paper (the pictures do not do this paper justice) and bound them all together with some twine!

Check out my ETSY SHOP here and some other ROTATING FREE PRINTABLES here.

What kind of fun DIY Valentine's Day gifts do you have up your sleeve for your significant other?
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Who • What • When • Where • Why

23 January 2016


  • L and I made our way to the theater to watch The Revenant and were left with our jaws on the floor. Leonardo DiCaprio hit it out of the park, it was that good! It was honestly such a sad movie but this article helps to explain how it really is a love letter to nature. I really would love to see Leo win his very long-awaited Oscar this year! That man deserves it, especially after this film!
  • I had this done the other day. After being banned in Massachusetts for quite some time, it is now permitted again and my beauty guru friend convinced me to give it a go! Honestly, anything spa related I will probably love! It was very relaxing and stung only a tiny bit. I'm not sure if this is something I will frequently do, however it was fun to try!
  • We have a family ski trip coming up within the next couple weeks and I AM SO EXCITED. Waking up on the mountain to fresh snow and a ski left doesn't get any better. I'm going to try to make another video like I did for our trip to Myrtle Beach last August. In other news, that means lots of packing and planning... my very, very favorite! I'm been referencing to a handful of posts (1 / 2 / 3 / 4) and am thinking about making my own packing list to add to the printables page or my Etsy shop! Read about last years trip here!
  • Portland, Maine friends... Portland, Maine. L and I really want to hop on the train and take it up to Portland for a Breaking Benjamin concert on February 1st! They were one of the first bands we ever saw in concert together and it's been over six years since! Would love to take a hike down memory lane and see them again while being serenaded by Benjamin Burnley's beautiful voice! ALSO, out fur-child Macy Cat is still on Mainecation and we want to bring her back to her little city abode. We miss her terribly!
  • Why is it that my favorite store creates the most rocking pajamas of all time! Honestly, these should be in my closet right now. Wouldn't they be perfect to wear as long underwear under your ski gear!!?

Have a wonderful and warm winter weekend! Hoping for a lot of snow to come our way!! (:

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