Organizing Macy Cat's Space + Free Printable

14 August 2018

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I'm sure you are all very familiar with Morris (@morristhe9livescat), the orange tabby 9Lives® Cat - one of advertising's greatest icons! This year he is celebrating his 50th Adopt-i-versary! Morris made his debut in 1968 when Bob Martwick, an animal talent scout discovered him at a shelter in Hinsdale, IL. His charming personality landed him the official spokescat position with 9Lives where he went on to become one of the most famous cats and starred in over 50 commercials and appeared in a film with Burt Reynolds. Morris's Celebricat status didn't stop there! He visited countless schools to promote animal kindness and in 2007 he launched Morris' Million Cat Rescue® to save those animals in need of forever homes. He never forgot his humble beginnings as a rescue cat. He and 9Lives continue to bring great taste and balanced nutrition to the table all over the world and he will not rest until every cat finds their forever home. This cute video does a great job highlighting Morris and his success as the 9Lives Cat! 

Morris's adopt-i-versary reminded me of when we drove Macy Cat all the way from her country home in Ohio to her new digs in Boston (she truly is a city girl at heart). My family adopted her a few years prior but she didn't mesh well with the other cats which is why L and I scooped her up! She lived with us in the city for three years up until we moved her out to New Hampshire. With all of the changes and exciting additions going on around here (we added 8 more paws this past year), we thought it would be the perfect time to set her up for success this summer by finally organizing "her" drawer in the house. 

We have a bureau by our door that houses frequently reached for items which includes leashes, collars, grooming supplies, treats, pet food, hats, gloves and other miscellaneous items. Macy’s drawer (along with all the others) have been slightly neglected and became a throw all for random pet items. We keep Macy Cat's litter box and dry food upstairs in the laundry room so that Thing 1 and Thing 2 keep their Scoobi-Doo noses out of it, however, her wet food, grooming supplies, toys, extra bowls and any medicine are all corralled in one of the bureau drawers. 

completely emptied and vacuumed out the drawer, removed any clutter and then cut some wrapping paper down to use as a drawer liner. While Macy Cat may never actually look in this drawer, I will, and having the exciting drawer liner will certainly brighten my day every time I look at it.

I played tetris with a few different containers before I was able to find the “perfect fit”. It’s nice having a spot to put her grooming supplies somewhere separate from her wet food and extra bowls. 

I had this organizing project in mind, and was brainstorming ideas on my 11 hour drive home from a weekend camping/running trip. I stopped to pump gas and saw a Dollar General in the same plaza, swooped in and picked up some of Macy Cat's preferred wet food, 9Lives! We stocked her drawer up with Meaty Pate with Chicken and Tuna and Super Supper (Coupon for $0.50 off when you purchase 4) along with a few other flavors that we already had on hand. 

Every time I open this drawer I get a big smile across my face - thanks Morris! After all, 9Lives celebrates and champions all cats! You might also enjoy checking out Morris's Cat Pack!

How do you organize your pet supplies?

In the spirit of Macy Cat and Morris, I wanted to share a Pet Care printable that will make things easier for you and your pet sitter. 

DIY: Paint Stirrer Table

08 July 2018

I've been on the hunt for a piece of furniture that resembled a butcher block but with more dramatic coloration for a reasonable price. Of course that doesn't exist on my budget so I moseyed on over to ye ole faithful Amazon and Home Depot to attempt to DIY my vision. Like every project I seem to take on there was one small fail, however, I am pleasantly pleased with how this one turned out and am ready to start on a second one -- let's be real, the second one has been sitting in my basement half finished for months now. But when the motivation bug bites again, at least I have my ducks in a row! 


It's a ton of stained paint stirrers glued onto a piece of plywood with hairpin legs. 

I used a 4' x 8' piece of pre-sanded 1/2" thick plywood


Here's what I bought:
Other items that I used:
  • Screws
  • Gloves
  • Sander or Sand Paper
  • Painters Tape
  • Some type of weight
Dark Walnut is one of my favorite stains - we used it on our floors (hence the large can). I also used Ebony, Driftwood and Special Walnut for this project.

I bought 30" hairpin legs and they seem to be a great height for what we use the table for.


Putting this together was relatively simple. I started by sanding the edges of the plywood. Once everything was as smooth as butter, I threw a layer of dark walnut stain on both sides of the plywood. 

I divided the stirrers up evenly into four different section and stained them one by one (wearing gloves is a must if you don't want to go into work the next day with multicolored digits). 

My project manager overseeing my work. He has high standards - after all it did end up going in his room. 

Voila! Pat yourself on the back, this part can take awhile!

Once the stirrers were dried, I cut the ends off with a miter saw and laid them out on the plywood in a somewhat random pattern. Once everything looked good, I broke out the liquid nails!

I used a few weights to keep everything in place overnight.
I'm shocked the sawhorses weren't crushed.

Final step is to screw on the legs. I used painter's tape to help measure where I wanted them to line up.


Lesson learned. Do not poly this table. I tried this and the poly caused a handful of the stirrers to warp and pull away from the plywood. I ended up having to rip them up and replace them entirely. 


I will be buying a piece of glass to put over this table to prevent dirt and other shenanigans from getting down in between the stirrers and to also create a flat surface. It's a gamble every time I put a beverage on top of it right now as it is slightly uneven with all the stirrers.


I LOVE THIS TABLE. I'm pleased with how it turned out and receive compliments on it frequently. I love that it incorporates different colors of wood which makes it easy to decorate the room. Almost everything matches it... especially the floors! I moved it into the "dog room" which I am slowly transitioning into the dog room/office to serve as a desk.

Welcome to New Hampshire, Phoebe!

22 March 2018

Ever since we took our beloved Griffin home (the day we moved into our new house) we knew that it would only be a matter of time before we added a second pup to the pack. Who knew that opportunity would knock so soon? We adopted Griffin in May when he was 2.5 months old and like any puppy, it was a full time job training him to be the little winner that he is today. Knowing how much work was involved with a puppy, we decided to hold off until after L took a big test for his job in November. As with Griffy we were never actively looking for a certain type/breed/age/color, however, when a friend of ours in Ohio posted that she had golden retriever puppies that needed homes, the wheels started to turn. We entertained the idea of adding a 3 month old golden, but closed the door on that idea when we figured transporting one from Ohio to New Hampshire would be next to impossible. Well, L, being the little miracle worker that he is told his dad about them, and a few weeks later he came down with not one but two pups! On our birthday weekend!

L and I had decided to take two and surprise my sister with one for Christmas (she has been actively looking for a golden puppy for awhile now - it was a perfect plan!)

Needless to say, L's dad said that they were perfect co-pilots that didn't make a peep the entire time. We had "the girls" to ourselves for 3 weeks and had perfected puppy cleanup and had more puppy snuggles and cuddles than we knew what to do with. Griffin had taken on the "older brother" roll wonderfully and played so well with them.

Fast forward to Christmas! The only people who knew about "the girls" were my mom, L's family, our extended family, everyone we worked with, the UPS man, the post office girls, our neighbors, and everyone's brother. The only people who didn't know about the puppies were my dad, both my sisters and my brother. My mom should get an award for not spilling the beans because I could barely keep it together. It was the only thing I could talk about.

I had to let mom in on "Code Gold" because I needed her help in arranging the surprise at her house where Christmas was hosted. We had everything down to the T. I arrived, distracted everyone while Mom snuck out to the Jeep and smuggled the puppies into the house one by one up the back entrance into her closet. 

We typically open gifts one at a time, but mom and I were rushing a little bit which my sisters caught on to. After we had all finished unwrapping gifts I snuck upstairs to grab one of the pups. I stuck her in an Extra Large boat and tote and pulled the ole "I have one more gift" line.

Needless to say she was on Cloud 9 and despite her finance's face, I'm pretty sure that little golden girl has him wrapped about her little paw now.

Phoebe and Wixey have varying personalities. From the day they arrived, we noticed that Phoebe was very active, loved to play with Griffin and barked a lot, while Wixey liked to keep to herself and was much calmer. Phoebe and Griffin bonded instantly which made for an easy match.

Here we are three months later and still in puppy heaven.

Cookie Jar Kits and Our Christmas Card

24 December 2017

Happy Holidays!! I hope it has been nothing short of merry, your holiday errands are complete and you are winding down from all of the craziness and fun that comes with the season!

L and I bought our first house in April and have been spoiled rotten with the best neighbors on planet earth. They've been extremely helpful with our transition from renters to homeowners and are always lending a hand. With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to send something fun and festive their way that was both creative and thoughtful.

While trolling Pinterest, I found this post written by Jillee from One Good Thing who inspired me to purchase all of the 1 gallon jars at Target to recreate this genius idea.

You will need:

+ 1 Gallon Glass Jar
+ Crinkle Filler Paper and/or Tissue Paper
+ Napkin
+ Cookie Mix
+ Frosting
+ Sprinkles
+ Cookie Cutters (We used a hammer, car and home shaped cookie cutters to go with the "house" theme)
+ Ribbon
+ Christmas Card

Step 1: Put everything in the jar
Step 2: Walk over to your neighbor's house and deliver it

Here are the reasons why I think it's awesome:
  1. It's fun! No matter what age you are, everyone loves to make and decorate cookies around the holiday season (hopefully). It's a great opportunity to gather the family and nosh on some treats while listening to Christmas music.
  2. Not only are you gifting them with cookie cutters, you're also giving them a nice COOKIE jar to go with it. I use these jars for everything in my house. One is filled with dog treats, another holds our cookie cutters, I plan on using the 2 gallon jars as centerpieces... the list could go on and on!
  3. It's personal and creative, but you're not breaking the bank. I think in total each jar cost me $20 each.
(Macy Cat's smile always takes the cake... remember last years?)

Shutterfly kindly gifted us with holiday cards again this year which we of course included in our cookie kit jar to help personalize everything. I am a creature of habit and always order the 5" x 7" personalized photo cards so that I can frame and display them each year. I LOVE looking back on past years to see how our little family has changed - we are on year #4 of Christmas cards and so far we have grown by 4 furry paws (in addition to the queen, Miss Macy Cat) and we may or may not have just grown by another 4 furry paws... you'll have to check back next year to see the newest and fluffiest golden addition. 

Enjoy the holidays and stay warm! (:

Our Christmas cards through the years:
2016 // 2015 // 2014

We Adopted a Puppy!

13 August 2017

(Griffin at 5 months relaxing on his giant bean bag)

Like all great things, adopting our newest furchild, Griffin, was just as unexpected as they come. L and I had no intentions of adding to our little family anytime soon. We have had our beloved Macy Cat since 2013, but cats are (for the most part) low maintenance, autopilot pets that need fed, watered and their box cleaned as needed. Do not fear, she gets her daily dose of loving and attention from us as well. She has us both wrapped around her little paws. Having been renting for the past 4 years we knew we wouldn't be able to have a dog until we had a place of our own. However, the stars seemed to align the day we moved into our first house!

May 27, 2017 (moving day) - L and I were en route to Kennebunk with my parents to grab some furniture from a storage locker. With a little encouragement from them, we all thought it would be fun to made a quick detour to the local shelter on our way to the locker to just "look around" (the day prior my parents had adopted a 2.5 month yellow lab puppy from there). Long story short... we fell in love with the yellow lab's brindle brother!

We had no intentions of taking a dog home, let alone a little puppy, but it truly was love at first sight. We have never been actively looking for ourselves, however, we have found that it is rather difficult to find dogs to adopt because EVERYONE wants a dog here! It's great! Animal Welfare Society transports them from other parts of the country and people wait outside the shelter doors for hours in hopes of adopting. There is such a high demand that they have to give out numbers resulting in some future fur-parents arriving in the wee hours of the morning to get numbers first. I don't know how we got so lucky!

(A screenshot of the website right after we adopted him. His former name was Jonas. His sister Jaki was adopted at the same time by a different family and his yellow lab brother is pictured at the bottom)

(Griffin riding around in the Petco carriage right after we brought him home.)

(Playing with his reflection while we try to sleep)

(Looking adorable in the truck - no worries, we weren't driving)

He is now 5 months old (his birthday is March 8th) and almost 45 pounds! When we brought him home he weighed the same as our cat (12 pounds).

He's absolutely fascinated with Macy Cat and sometimes forgets that she is only 1/4 his size, however, we've been letting Macy grow her nails out so that she can school him when necessary.

He's also very interested in our neighbors yards, so L put in an invisible fence (this one) to help remind him where his boundaries are. Watching him get shocked is more painful for me than him. Thankfully, it only took a few zaps and now we rarely feel the need to put the collar on him anymore.

He's really smart and thus far has learned how to shake, roll over, sit and lay down. He's done really well with house training, however ha has had an accident or two in the morning when he can't wait any longer.

He's a total snuggle bug and ends up sandwiched between L and I every night with Macy Cat right above our heads. We go on walks everyday and adventures every weekend. Just last weekend we brought him up to North Conway for the first time to play in Diana's Baths with his brother. He's the happiest soul in the house and is always so welcoming when we get home! 


08 June 2017

Holy guacamole, after 4 years of renting in some amazing places in both Boston and New Hampshire, L and I bit the bullet and bought our first home 2 months ago! We feel as though we hit the house jackpot, as it is close to both of our offices, the water and the mountains! We also have the sweetest neighbors which is a huge bonus!

Thanks to a very chilly winter, we quickly realized how important a warm house was to us which is what unexpectedly triggered this endeavor. The chalet that we had been renting had electric heat which unfortunately isn't the cheapest heat (over $400+ a month) nor was it able to compete with the cathedral ceilings. SO, when we began shopping around, the single most important thing that we kept telling our realtor was "must be warm." Other high priority items included looking for houses that were big enough that we could grow into, we wanted to be in a neighborhood and we wanted to be close to work.

As you can imagine... everyone wants that, which left us with little inventory to choose from. We had our eyes on a place that we knew was going to hit the market, so after if finally did, we swooped in with our checkbook and docusigned the P&S from the Sunburst Six at Okemo less than 24 hours after it was listed. Thankfully, we lucked out with the most organized and proactive professional team in our neck of the woods and were able to close on April 4th! Cue the happy dance!

I have longed to be a homeowner so that I can modify and update a place to fit our style. It's nice to finally have a place that we can build some equity in and enjoy in the meantime.

As you can imagine, this blog is going to be a brain dump for all of my pictures, videos and updates regarding the project palace. The best place to keep track of everything will be the "HOME TOUR" tab located at the top of the page. I will try my best to keep all "house reno" related posts linked there.

Here are the before pictures and a video of our first house!


We don't know what to call this room and we don't know what to put in it either. It's a fairly large space that is located between the kitchen and garage and open to the front entryway and slider out back. Should we ever want to knock down the wall for a kitchen renovation that is an option, or if we want to utilize it as a formal dining space that is an option as well. It is also home to the ONLY closet (other than bedroom closets) in the house.


Right around that corner we have a small half bath which will be getting a facelift down the road.


Our living room is located on the opposite side of the house and is equipped with a groovy propane fireplace that turns on with the flick of a switch (literally!). No more cutting and hauling wood or stoking the fire. I will miss the luxury of roasting a s'more from the couch though.


The dining area takes up a small corner of the living room. There is a small wall that separates it from the kitchen which we are debating knocking down some day.


The party continues on through the kitchen which is also where our little pantry and basement door are located. I have big plans of painting all of the doors and cabinets a light grey color to brighter it up a little.


The upstairs is pretty simple consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 


The "Guest Suite" which I lovingly refer to it as will be the first project that we tackle. The goal is to completely 100% renovate this room and refinish the floors prior to moving in. 


L and I love to host, so it is important that we can comfortably accommodate our families near and far. While the other guest room is taking priority right now, this space will eventually get a full makeover as well.


Down the hall we have our laundry room/guest bath. Having laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms will be a new luxury that we are looking forward to!


This bedroom is by far the largest bedroom that we have ever had. We thought we had hit the bedroom lottery in our old Boston apartment! This space is at least twice the size! Our current arrangement is maybe 1/3 the size of this room, so to say we are excited is an understatement. Macy Cat even scored her own closet in here!


We also lucked out with an ensuite which I can't wait to attack with some marble tile! It's not huge, but it has potential! Take note of the toilet paper rose that was left on every roll by the sweet lady who cleaned the house prior to closing.

There you have it! Our first home! We have a lot of work to do and are very eager to tackle it all. I'm obsessed with the idea of renovating and styling this house to fit our lifestyle and can't wait to start crossing items off of our list!
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