Hey, hey it's Friday!

 My week in a nutshell! 
I've been crushing on all things natural and textured lately (hence the theme of my living room). You can only imagine my excitement when I came across this eclectic collection of acadia frames that now live on the floating shelves on my living room wall.

 Hi, my name is Kaylie and I have a Chipotle addiction. I could eat here all day, every day - so good. I'm drooling over this picture as I type.

 I found myself some cute pumpkins for our living room. Love, love, love.
Like how I angled the picture so you could catch another glimpse of my fiddle leaf fig and my new accent table? Obsessed. I'm simply just obsessed.

L and I hopped on a train up to Salem on Sunday and spent some time roaming around the place checking out all of the insanely good decorations and events that were happening. The capital of Halloween was so, so busy and was filled with tons of people dressed up and drunk, it was great! Like our costumes? We dressed as cold and unprepared 20-something year olds.

I spent the better part of my day today running around the North End trying to find pumpkin puree for some homemade pumpkin cookies and frosting. You would think that they sell this stuff at CVS or one of the small grocery stores here, but they really don't. Sad. I finally found some at the Golden Goose. Whew! For a second there I thought that I was going to have to hike it up to Whole Foods.
Ahh yes and that pumpkin deliciousness came out looking a little bit like this...
homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting should be illegal. I used this recipe!
I shared some of my fall fashion must haves yesterday. I'm no fashion blogger by any means... but these are some essentials that I insist be in everyone's closet come the chilly months!
I'm off to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie "The Best of Me" tonight. Looks super sappy and romantic... I'll be the one crying in the corner of the movie theater - look for me!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Fall Fever

What is Fall without these?
This skirted dress coat is geared more towards winter, but it can certainly be flaunted around in those chilly fall months as well! What can't you love about the shirred waistband and standing collar?

I just recently invested in this quilted puffer vest after waiting several weeks for it to go on sale. This vest was made for October and it's surrounding months!
 I love this classic button-down shirt in plaid and would love to see it paired with the vest above!
Elbow patches are such a thing now, and this cozy warmspun swingy elbow-patch sweater is at the top of my list!
I'm really excited about finding these fleece-lined flannel shirts! Whether you wear them under a vest, as a jacket or a night shirt, this multifunctional top will keep you warm!
Buy these Bean Boots right now. Right now!
I wear my Hunter's religiously in the winter and would love to add these Short Wellington Boots to the collection. Rain or snow these are sure to keep your toes warm.

What's in your fall closet??
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This place is the definition of October. They take Halloween to a whole new level. Not only is every last shop, restaurant, and park completely decorated, but it's done to the nth degree. Everyone is dressed up, and there is no filter when it comes to creepy. It's great! I can't even count on one hand how many times I saw cars, motorcycles and bikes cruising down the streets with skeletons hanging off the back.

We were slightly pressed for time so unfortunately we didn't get to engage in all the haunted houses and candlelit ghost walks, however we did venture around to the House of Seven Gables, the Witch Trial Memorial, and we also moseyed around the pedestrian mall on Essex street for awhile.
 Oh, and apparently cat squishing is an issue on this street. :(
Oh, Salem... you are so quaint.
Hopefully we'll be able to make it up here again this month to fit in some more Halloween fun!
 On a totally irrelevant note...

The window cleaners came to wash the windows of our building bright and early Sunday morning while we were still passed out in our bed.

I think the most perturbed one was this little lady - she was so concerned!

We eventually had to pull the shades to to give them some privacy from our curious cat.

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Friday Thoughts

This past week was all about...
One of my goals for October was to search for an internship or another job opportunity to help further my career. I'm excited to announce that I am now affiliated with an agency in Boston's North End so if you or anyone else you know is looking to buy, sell, rent or just wants to look around please let me know! Nothing screams neighborhood family more than this amazing corner of Boston!

This was shot from last Sunday's parade celebrating Saint Joseph. In the summer, almost every weekend, feasts are held in the North End to celebrate different Saints.

I've been tossing around the idea of purchasing this bench for my living room. It would go along the wall right next to my side table and fiddle leaf fig. We need a coffee table, but are unsure if we even have the space for one. This bench could act as a coffee table/foot rest/extra seating, not to mention it would blend in super well with the theme of the room. Love my neutrals!

I purchased my first pair of boyfriend jeans the other day. So comfortable! They came just in time for this fall weather!

I have been saving my quarters like it's no one's business lately. It's getting to the point where I cannot lift the jar anymore. I know that I can always deposit them into savings... but I would kind of like to see them go towards some kind of tropical vacation... or maybe just Christmas presents.

L and I came up on five years of dating yesterday. Time is just flying by us.

Here's a fun trip down memory lane - Homecoming 2009!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Friday Favorites

My week in a nutshell!
To start things out for you, I'll give you a quick peek at the practically finished living room. The theme of this room that I had envisioned was "natural", so I threw together a bunch of textured acadia wood frames that would pull the different shades of oak from the door, window frames, and floors all together. The accent table is from Target's "White and Gold" fall line, and the TV stand is from Target as well. of course. And yes, I bought that accent table specifically for my baby fiddle leaf fig.
I promise that one day, someday I will upload a much better photo for you. But sun hasn't shone in this neighborhood in 4 days! So much rain.

So now you're probably not wondering what we did with the old makeshift bookshelf that we temporarily used to house all of our DVDs/hold the TV. Well that sucker went into the kitchen and is going to serve as a bar cart, er.. shelf. As much as I desperately need a beautiful gold bar cart with wheels in my life... like this one... I may have to hold off on that purchase until I have a little more than 800 square feet to work with. However, there is a serious problem... some of my wine and booze are too tall for the shelf. I may just have to drink them all and repurchase stuff in bottles that are no taller than 11 inches. Anyways... I would love input and inspiration pictures from all of you bar cart decorating goddesses. I want it to look clean and crisp, minimal clutter, yet very inviting. So inviting that I will want to pour myself a drink every day.
P.S. Don't mind that chevron basket of TV cords. I'm running out of space!
I may or may not have just found my favorite t-shirt of the year. It's comfy, it's a tee, and it's also so versatile. This is the kind of shirt that you can roll up into a ball and throw into your bureau and then wear the next day. I'm a strong believer in quality over quantity, and this extremely comfortable t-shirt makes the list. I'm this close (picture me squinting my eye with a small space between my thumb and pointer finger) to pulling the trigger on another one just in a different color. What can't you wear this with? (Besides a dress.. you probably wouldn't want to wear this with a dress).
P.S. I would probably let this air dry, I put it in the dryer last night and it's feeling a little shorter today.

Who here has ever been to Max Brenner? It's basically a big chocolate emporium with a menu that is full of everything chocolate. You go there when you're feeling happy, excited, hungry, sad, stressed. I went there three times during the week that I was moving in July/August, if that's any indication as to how happy or stressed I was. When we were there, we picked up these oh so cute milkshake glasses with retro metal straws... however I have yet to fill them with anything milkshakey. Any favorite recipes you care to share?

If you're in the market for a pair of fall booties, knee high, riders,  anything and don't want to break the bank I highly recommend Urban Og. I bought a pair of knee highs from them last season and wore them religiously day in and day out. The ones I bought were lined with flannel, had adjustable straps, and didn't scuff not once. For what you're paying, and for the quality of boot that you're getting I definitely think it's a steal of a deal!
Enjoy you weekend!
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October Goals

 image via
Here's a little round up of things I would like to see happen in October!
+ Use my gym membership.
Because it's been months, need I say more. 

+ Complete interior decor for the living room.
I've ordered some pieces, and am very excited to have things start to fall into place.

+ Save, save, save!
I'm a little behind in saving due to moving and summer shenanigans, so hopefully I can catch up soon!

+ Search for an internship or another job opportunity to help further my career.
I'm okay with where I am now, but would love to learn something new to expand my horizons.

+ Begin Christmas Shopping.
This sounds ridiculous because it's only October, but my sister just finished all of her shopping and I feel behind. If I can get all this shopping done before the month of December, I will feel so accomplished and a huge weight will be lifted off of my shoulders. So I'm starting now.

Ha okay, I clicked preview and read Goal #5 and looked at the fall picture I had posted and laughed a little. We'll just save Goal #5 for next month.... here's another Goal #5 that's a little more appropriate for October.

+ Engage in some Salem, MA activities.
'Tis the season to bombard the most adorable town ever. Salem's a quick 30 minute train ride North, and now's the time to visit and learn about some of Salem's (well actually Danvers) history.
Ready, Set, Go!
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Recap September Goals

Let's take a gander at what I wanted to see get done this past month.
+ Schedule and take my realtors test to obtain my license.
After almost two months went by, I finally got my butt into the test center - officially licensed!

+ Complete interior decor for the bedroom.
This is about there. The stuff we need (lamps, extra bureau, new bed) will come with time.

+ Save $$$
This is a goal that will continue to always be on my goal list. I'm saving!

+ Sell 5-10 pieces of clothing.
Ugh, nope. I literally have NO MORE SPACE in my closet.

+ Use my gym membership
HA, still don't remember what the inside of that place looks like. So sad.

Check in tomorrow for October's goals!
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