LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Easter Love & Ebay Sale!

Easter Love & Ebay Sale!

31 March 2013


I hope that everyone is having a very enjoyable Easter holiday!
Since my mom has three out of the four kids home, we all attended Church, came home and found our baskets (yes, she still hides them for us even though we're all pretty much adults), and THEN she even went out and hid eggs for us to run around like madmen and find. The incentive... $$money$$ (:
Goodness, it sure does feel good to be a kid again ;)
Later, we will feast on a ham, veggies, potatoes, and my favorite... blueberry pound cake! 

Isn't my mom the cutest? She still assembles Easter Baskets for my sisters, brother and I! And if we're away at school and unable to come home for the weekend, she'll send them to us. Too sweet!

Also, you know those J. Crew Toothpick Jeans that I was talking about in this post concerning The Friday 5?
Well... I ended up buying a pair, and I bought them in Fresh Purple.
(This is what they look like. In real life though, they're maybe a tad bit darker than these)
I love them!! I really do, and the color rocks!
One problem though.. they're the wrong size!! :( I bought a size 26, and apparently I'm not a 26 anymore. =/
SO, instead of just returning them, which would have probably been the more simpler option, I decided to put them up for sale on ebay for a pretty reasonable price. 

Here is the link to the ebay page. I'm starting the auction at $35 with a buy it now option of $50!
(I'm also including free shipping)
Go check them out!!!!
(I'm only putting them up for 3 days though, because I will be going out of town, and didn't want to have to deal with it while I was away)

I resorted to buying The Tall Garment-Dyed Ankle-Zip Toothpick Jean in Neon Rose! 

(They look exactly like this)
I hope I ordered the right size this time!

I hope that everyone has a very blessed day with their friends and family, and take time to relax from life's busy, hectic schedule!

Happy Easter!! (:

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