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04 April 2013

Avenged Sevenfold is certainly my all time favorite band, hands down! Matthew Sanders (Yes, we're on a first name basis, I don't even use his stage name M. Shadows) has the best singing voice, and no one can top Brian Haner's MAD guitar skills! I feel more comfortable calling him Synyster Gates though. Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ certainly wow the crowd too, along with their newest addition, drummer Mike Portnoy (RIP REV). I don't know what it is about their music, but I just CAN'T GET ENOUGH! Rock music is so addicting, and each and every song has such an interesting story behind it.

I started listening to their music back in 2008, after I heard the song "Afterlife", still one of my favorites! 

Even though all their music is pretty hard core rock, their name is actually derived from the Bible (pretty cool, huh?)! It comes from the first book in the Bible, Genesis Chapter 4. The fourth chapter of Genesis tells about how Cain killed his brother Abel (the first murder on earth), and God said "Whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold." They also wrote a song about it called "Chapter Four" (it's pretty much about Cain murdering Abel, and being sent away by God). Okay, and that is probably one of the only religious songs that they really sing. Unless you include "Beast and the Harlot (which is based off Revelations), Dear God, Warmness on the Soul, etc.  

A lot of their other songs don't really follow that theme though. Songs like "Nightmare" is about someone being left behind in a rapture, "Wicked End" is the rapture, "Afterlife" is about when a man sees his place in hell, and then a glimpse of Heaven, and Little Piece of Heaven.... go watch the youtube video (it's a little bit out there). 

It doesn't even matter what the lyrics are, the incredible talent that these guys have AMAZES me! They make such distinct and amazing music! 

I've only ever been able to go to one of their concerts... AND IT WAS AMAZING! It was a weekday, so the venue wasn't full, but it was certainly busy! Black Veil Bride, Asking Alexandria and Hollywood Undead played before them (and they all did a spectacular job as well!!), but A7X was much anticipated! When they opened with "Nightmare", you could slowly see the death bat.. it was pretty exciting! You could hear people from all over going "I see the bat!", "there's the death bat", I mean it was pretty epic. One of the best parts of the show was when Matt had one of the guests come up to the stage and play "So Far Away" on Syn Gates guitar while he sang along. Ummm, oh my goodness, I would totally learn guitar just to be able to do that!! Holy Crap! ALSO, they are headlining at the Heavy MTL fest in Montreal August 10-11, and I am very, VERY tempted to get tickets!! 

Okay, now that I'm done obsessing over their talent (I really could go on ALL DAY), we all know that they are working on a new album (hence their lack of tours lately :( and I'm really excited!). I follow their fan page on FB, and they've posted this picture a couple times now! 

So I'm thinking, along with every other A7X fan, that they are hinting that their new album will be coming out April 15, 2013! They are so sneaky! See how it's stopped at 4:15.013? Coincidence, I think not! I really hope that is the release date, because I don't know how much longer I can wait!

I really think everyone who reads this should go check them out. They really truly are a very talented band!

And with that said, I will be rocking out to them the entire 12 hour trip to Boston tonight! 


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