Five for FRI!

17 May 2013

It doesn't seem nearly as exciting now that classes are finished with for the summer... but hey, a Friday is a FRIDAY!

Here are some Friday Fives for this week!

1. Two Weeks Left
I finally have my work week down to a schedule that I like (Monday, Wednesday, Friday nights, and occasionally Saturday night), however I only have 2 weeks left there before I move.... so I can only enjoy it until then!

2. Hope's
I have found the store. The perfect store for cute, summery, reasonably priced clothes!
While browsing Pinterest the other day, I found a pin that linked to this site, Hope's!
They are constantly updating their site with new clothes. The dress that I just bought a few days ago isn't even on the site anymore! That's how fast they go! Be sure to check them out!

These are a few of their items that are currently sitting in my shopping bag (:

3. M.A.C. 
I recently purchased the MAC 213 Fluff Brush and the Silver Ring eye shadow, and I love them!

I've been into the grayer shades lately, which is why I chose this color. It goes on smooth, and doesn't leave too much of a crease as the day goes on.

4. Baseball Season
I went to L's little brother's baseball game last night and we had quite a grand time!

Nothing screams Spring more than toasty, sunshine evenings at the baseball diamond with popsicles!
I really enjoy going to the games, getting to watch them play and spending time with L's family! After the game we treated ourselves to some tasty meals from the local bar/restaurant. Yum!! 

5. Amy's Baking Company

I don't know if you all have had the privilege of following this train wreck restaurant story.
If not, I'll give you a quick run down.   
Basically what happened is...
Amy's Baking Company (ABC) from Scottsdale, Arizona was featured on Chef Gordon Ramsay's TV show Kitchen Nightmares in desperate need of help for their restaurant.
When Ramsay arrived, he discovered that the owners were extremely difficult to work with, and refused to except criticism and work to improve the restaurant. They would yell at their guests and coworkers, fire people on the spot for unjustified reasons and steal tips from the servers. With an incredible, skyrocketing employee turnover rate and a dysfunctional FOH and BOH, these two are still fighting to keep the doors open after Ramsay abandoned them due to little to no cooperation.
The owners then went to blow up their facebook page (claiming it was a hack) yelling at the guests and drawing attention from all over the country. 
Here is a link to the posts and the episode clip!
Having worked in the service industry myself, I cannot believe the way these two acted. They don't act as a team at all! It's quite an interesting and fun story to watch and follow!

Enjoy your Friday!!


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