LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Lacing up the old sneakers!

Lacing up the old sneakers!

10 May 2013

What a busy, crazy week it has been! 

Weather here in Ohio has been absolutely gorgeous, and it kills be to be cooped up inside on evenings that I work! I've been finally getting back into the swing of things, and have been able to get back into my running shoes and pick up where I left off (kind of). 

Running is just one of those relaxing times where you can just kick back, sweat it out, jam to music, and feel productive ALL at the same time. I've been obsessing over this new app that I recently downloaded. It's called Nike+ (I'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon). It tracks your runs with a GPS, sets goals for you, lets you compare your runs with other friends, and many, many more little details! I'll post more about that app later! My little sister got me hooked on it! 

Also, my two sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins all participated in the Pittsburgh marathon, 1/2 marathon and fun run this past Sunday! I'm so proud of them! My younger cousins all ran in the fun run which I believe was a 5k. Maybe a little shorter. Actually, I don't really know what they ran, but I do know that they ran and that they did great! My Uncle C and my Uncle M ran the 1/2 marathon, and then my two sisters, two aunts, and one uncle all participated in the Pittsburgh marathon relay! My Aunt A ran 5.5 miles, my Uncle J ran 3.5 miles, my Aunt L ran 6.7 miles (UPHILL!), my younger sister ran 6.1 miles, and my older sister ran 4.7 miles! How awesome is that!?

Because of our Dutch heritage, they named their team the "Wood Shoe Crew", so the creative name and shirts that they wore fit them perfectly! 

They are running beasts!

I'm bumming I couldn't go and spectate, but this week has been so incredibly busy with "end of the semester jazz", that I couldn't find time to make the drive there and back :(
(I would have really enjoyed to run the race too, but this body is completely bent out of running shape! There was just no way. Maybe next year!)

Since we're on the topic of running, I thought I would share with you a running story from Monday. Monday evening I went on a nice, easy 2.5 mile run. About .1 miles into the run, I swallowed a BUG! That's the worst. It really is. I could feel it moving around in the back of my throat, and then when I swallowed it, BLAH! ...wasn't too thrilled... but I shook it off and finished my run. Later that evening my throat was kinda of sore. The next morning, I went in for a final exam, and it was still sore! I thought that if I slept it off, maybe it would be alright. Wednesday morning, my throat was killing me! I went to the docs, and she treated it as Strep and gave me some antibiotics. NOW, I don't know if the culprit was that silly bug that I swallowed Monday night (probably wasn't, but I like to think it was), but my throat started to hurt RIGHT after that incident. I know, I know... that it probably the most ridiculous reason for someone getting Streptococcus Pharyngitis, but that's my story and I'm sticking with it! (:

This week was exam week, and I don't feel very confident about the outcome. Calculus is horrible (EVERYONE knows that), and microbiology is a really fun and interesting class, but memorizing all those names is no walk in the park.

Now that I have completed 4 semesters towards my biology degree, I have earned an Associates in Science which I will receive tomorrow at the commencement ceremony. It's more of a teaser that says, "You're half way there!"

Now that school is over though, I will be spending most of my time working (only 21 days left!!), visiting with friends, and packing for the big move in June (which will probably take all summer for me)!

One last thing!

Mother's Day

is Sunday!!
What does everyone have planned for their mothers?
My mumsie will be out of town visiting her hubs in Maine, so the whole traditional flower and card thing probably isn't going to work.
SO! Instead! I am going to (it was her idea) tear up the weeded area that surrounds our deck, and make it beautiful! There is a greenhouse that is located right down the road, which I will bike to and buy them out of house and home! I really want a rose bush! I think I will plant one of those! What a fun project, I will keep you updated!! 

Enjoy your weekend!!


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