LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Mother's Day Green Thumb

Mother's Day Green Thumb

12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day all the Mothers out there!!
It's your day so enjoy it and feel appreciated... because you are!

I posted a few days ago about how for mother's day I was going to dig up, weed, and plant flowers in my Mom's flower beds that surround the deck. 

I figured this project would take me all week (because I work slow like that), but this morning I was feeling motivated enough, and managed to work throughout the entire day and am just about done! I'm going to add more plants and flowers tomorrow when the greenhouse is open. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy all these gardening pictures (:

This would be section one before and after the weeding. A HUGE difference!

Section two - I left some things that were plants... or plantlike. 

Section three - Once again, left some plants. This section was weed heaven!

I had several helpers!!

Basically, the rooster would stand there and wait for me to dig up grubs, bugs and worms so he could eat them, and Mouse was obsessed with this plant!! He was constantly running laps around it and hiding under it!

...and then the ladies came out to help as well!

Made a quick stop to pick up these beauties!

(My Rose Bush!!)

and with the help of these two...

Isn't Section one looking so much better!?!

Section two! (Could use some more TLC, but it will work for now)

Section three (Once again, could use some more TLC)
This section is the back of the porch and back of the house. No one ever sees it, and it gets the least amount of sun. 

I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out, and my hands are extremely sore and dirty!
I'm going to swing by the greenhouse sometime this week and pick up some more flowers to fill in some spaces of section 2 and 3 (maybe replant some grass along the flower bed as well =/)

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and spring weather!!


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