LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

24 June 2013

Thursday night, my brother, Dad and I were up until the early AM working on house stuff... so when Dad woke me up at the ripe hour of 9 o'clock to go out for breakfast, I was on the struggle bus trying to get myself up and going.

We had breakfast at the smallest, most delicious restaurant ever located at the Sanford airport. 
While we did have to wait 10 or so minutes in line for a table, it was certainly worth it. Our placemats had a puzzle on it, which made time speed by, and I was drooling when our food arrived.
I usually get full pretty quickly, so I decided on a simple Belgian Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. My mouth is starting to water just thinking about it right now. The waffle was the perfect size for me, and it was so oh oh oh good! I didn't even need syrup for it. When you don't need syrup for a waffle... it's a good waffle! Highly recommend this place if you're ever in the Southern Maine area, and are searching for a low cost, fast service, delicious food place! Yum! Certainly will be back!

After our mouth watering breakfast, we drove around the area and picked out a fun what we thought was a put-put golf course. When we walked up to the window to pay and get out clubs, the sweet elderly gentleman who owns and runs the course asked us if we wanted a 7 or a 9 iron. Whaaat? How about just a putter? Turns out, the beautiful (what we thought was a put-put) course is actually a Par 3 golf course where you tee off for a 40-90 yard drive, which lands you on the green (which is where the put-put part actually starts) for 18 different holes. 
Fun? Tons!! 
Difficult? For me... extremely!
My total was 93, while Dad had 71.
The gentleman that runs the place holds the record of 44, which he has achieved 4 times! 
The course is so beautiful and is conveniently located right across the street from an ice cream parlor. Again, if you're in the area... you would enjoy this place!

Sunday morning my Dad, brother and I all went out to eat at Cockpit Cafe again, and mmm mmm mmmm I jumped on the belgian waffle bandwagon again!

 Ty is not much of an AM person, if you can't tell ;)
He was also craving one of their homemade muffins!

After breakfast we hurried on over to Lavigne's Farm to do some serious strawberry picking before it started to rain.

The cutest berry farm ever! At $1.80 a pound, you are aloud to go out and pick as many strawberries as your little heart desires! They were all so red, plump, and juicy! 

But, of course... it started to rain, so we ended the strawberry picking festivities early and went home.

In July/August, they will have their blueberry fields ready for us to pick dry!

I have discovered a new and easier way to vacuum the pool! Why have I never thought of this before?

Sunday night I took a bus up to Boston to meet up with this hunk!

  L flew in from MI with his dad and brother for our orientation on Monday. We ate dinner at the Chart House which is located near the Financial District by the Wharfs! The food was excellent... the service... not so much =/

After supper, on our way back to the Langham, we made a pitstop at the fun fountain ring located in the Rose Kennedy Greenway! People were trying to make the sprint across the diameter of the fountain without getting soaked, however.. they were failing miserably. It was so much fun! L's little brother went in the fountain ring and came out a sopping wet mess! He is the cutest!

One of the many favorites that should be chalked up on your Boston list! ;)

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable weekend!


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