LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: 5 for Friday!

5 for Friday!

12 July 2013

Linking up with these ladies again today to share with you five fun Friday thoughts!

- ONE -
As of yesterday, I only have 3 more weeks before I start a brand new adventure in Boston. My apartment lease starts on the 1st of August, and I am going project happy designing things for the unit! I also have the sweetest roommate who will have to put up with my crazy crafts and constant change of mind!

Located in the North End, the apartment is teeny, tiny... and way overpriced. Welcome to the city ladies and gentlemen. It will be so worth it though! It has two bedrooms (both with tall ceilings, ceiling fans, and bigger closets --score!), a ridiculously small bathroom, and then a kitchen that opens up to a living area. There isn't really room for a table, but it does have an area where you can put a couple counter height chairs up to it. 
AND the best part... one of the walls is all exposed brick! I am in interior design heaven right now.
We aren't aloud to paint the walls :( but I have some ideas concerning how to lay the unit out so that it still looks open and spacey and not very crowded (considering how SMALL the apartment is).
You can bet your bottom dollar I will be sharing with you pictures of the apartment once we get everything all figured out! 

- TWO -
Speaking of the apartment, I went out and bought some stuff for the living room. Here's a little preview of the living room color scheme. I was going for a light green accent color, however these pillows changed my mind. 

We are planning on having a sofa in the living room, however, just in case we need seating for more, we have these ottomans for extra seating and storage. They look purple in the picture, but they are actually a light grey, as are the pillows. 

I picked this nifty huge wine glass up awhile ago, and have decided to start collecting corks. What I will use the corks for... I have no idea... maybe a cork board?
Anyways, I have my first cork! Looks pretty pathetic.

I'll get it filled eventually!

- FOUR -
I bought a juicer the other day! I didn't go all out and buy some fancy huge machine, but instead settled for this small, storable one.

So far, so good! I feel as though I have to put in a TON of fruits and veggies just to get a little bit of juice. Is this normal? Or is it because I bought the simple version? Either way, juiced strawberries are THE BEST!

- FIVE -
I spent some time last night with the Griswolds. I will never, ever grow out of National Lampoon's movies.

This movie left me with a craving for Vegas AND vacation. I would love to go to Vegas to watch all the neat shows and gamble all my money away ;)

Have a happy weekend!



  1. Your new apartment sounds cute! I can't wait to maybe see pictures. Good luck packing :)

  2. Thank You!!
    I will definitely be posting updates on the unit once I get move in! (:


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