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Friday Thoughts

20 June 2014

Linking up to share with you my Friday thoughts!

I bought this wing back chair on craigslist, and am now in the process of painting it! Still waiting on a few more supplies to arrive, but I will certainly post a tutorial with results once everything is done. So far I have one coat down, and about three more to go! Have you ever attempted to paint textile? I haven't!

I've been collecting corks for awhile now in hopes of saving up enough to create a crafty masterpiece! 
Here are a few inspiration pictures that may shed some light as to what I am going to do with my ridiculous collection.
Perhaps a sculpture?
...or a chair?
...maybe even a pair of pants?
Really, the options are just unlimited - as you can see.
I'm probably going to stick with something that is a little more feasible for my talent level.
Like say... a cork board!

...this beautiful wreath...
...another cork board...

This one is pretty!

So there ya go, some cork eye candy!



I'm looking to get a blog lift, but I have no idea where to start! I have never had one, and am still using the generic setup that blogger gave me over a year ago. Any recommendations? I have a few ideas as to where I'd like to go with it theme-wise but don't really know WHO to go to. Help!


I was browsing around my blog and noticed that I have made little to no progress on my 30 X 30 list. (Great job Kaylie, great job!) Sigh. I know that I certainly have time to get there, however I feel as though some of my goals may need tweaked a little. As much as I would love to meet A7X in person, I wouldn't exactly consider it a goal that I MUST meet by the time that I'm 30, rather than a 1 hour happy dance. Perhaps I'll switch it out for something a little more meaningful down the line. Until then, I better get started on some of the other tasks on there like swimming with dolphins, visiting Hawaii, scuba diving, and cruising it to Bermuda ;)


Fellow Bostonians!
I'm on the hunt for fun, outdoorsy, summer activities located close to the city.
There is SO much to do here, SO MUCH! I love it. However, it's also the busy season, and everything in the city is very crowded. 

I'm definitely going to venture out to Long Wharf and catch a ride with the Boston Harbor Cruises to the Harbor Islands for some day hikes and relaxation (I heard Spectacle Island has free yoga, score!). As well as take the ferries to the Salem and Hingham areas for some day trips, however every and all suggestions are appreciated! Any favorite, accessible hiking trails, beaches, shopping areas that you'd like to share? I have no car, so T accessibility, bus, or commuter rail is preferred.

Enjoy your weekend!
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