LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Futon Facelift

Futon Facelift

29 August 2014

 Remember last week when I was ranting about how blah the futon looked, and how I wanted to buy a new couch but wasn't going to because for this space, a futon was much more functional?
 After a little browsing on the WWW, I found a clean, white, and affordable Full Size Futon Cover that fit the color scheme of the room better! 
Let's take a look at some before and afters, shall we?
...dark, bland, mismatching...
...bright, white, inviting...
 Please, PLEASE ignore the wire spider web in the corner, the lame makeshift TV stand, the eclectic display of DVDs, and the cardboard boxes! It's all a work in progress.
My thoughts: I really like how much it brightens up the room! I'm not crazy about how it bunches up in some areas, but I'm sure that can be easily adjusted to give it a more flowing look.
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  1. I like what you did to this futon. After the facelift it looks a lot more inviting like I should sit on it. Before it was this weird brown color and just looked sad. Thanks for posting these great pictures.


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