LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: September Goals

September Goals

02 September 2014

 Here's a little round up of some things I would like to see happen in September!
ONE //
+ Schedule and take my realtors test to obtain my license.
I took the class over a month ago, and have yet to do this.

TWO //
+ Complete interior decor for the bedroom. 
This room only has a few more things that need completed before it can officially be "done". 

+ Save $$$
 It's important for me to stay in touch with my financial agenda, and to store away what I can for a rainy day.

+ Sell 5-10 pieces of clothing
 Tiny closets mean less clothes. Time to bring the stockpile down to my tried and true.

+ Use my gym membership
The past few months, my gym has been receiving monthly donations from me... lucky them.
Ready, Set, Go!
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