LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Recap September Goals

Recap September Goals

30 September 2014

Let's take a gander at what I wanted to see get done this past month.
+ Schedule and take my realtors test to obtain my license.
After almost two months went by, I finally got my butt into the test center - officially licensed!

+ Complete interior decor for the bedroom.
This is about there. The stuff we need (lamps, extra bureau, new bed) will come with time.

+ Save $$$
This is a goal that will continue to always be on my goal list. I'm saving!

+ Sell 5-10 pieces of clothing.
Ugh, nope. I literally have NO MORE SPACE in my closet.

+ Use my gym membership
HA, still don't remember what the inside of that place looks like. So sad.

Check in tomorrow for October's goals!
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