LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Christmas State of Mind

Christmas State of Mind

29 October 2014

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming!
I'm that person. 
Come November 1st, I officially start all of my Christmas ordering, shopping, packaging and wrapping so that when December 1st rolls around, the tree is up, and the presents are displayed under the tree for me to stare at for the entire month of December. 
I want all of this done by December 1st so that I can sit back, relax and indulge in other December activities like skating, skiing, gingerbread house decorating, holiday dinners, parties, parades, snowman building, Grinch watching, tree decorating, baking my weight in cookies and every other stereotypical Christmas activity. It's ALL going to happen!
I also want this to be practically done by December 1st because Christmas comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and I want to stare at the Christmas tree/stocking scape for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Something about those twinkling lights, stockings hung, and beautifully wrapped presents just puts me in a great mood 24/7!
 Not that Christmas shopping isn't fun, believe me... I love it! I just don't want to be running around  like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find gifts last minute. No thanks. 
So without further adieu, I will share with you some Christmas shenanigans that I have had my eyes on lately. What did people do before Pinterest?
Also, I'm sorry if you're not a Christmas person and I just bombarded you with all this exciting stuff too early. L tells me I get too excited and abandon the other holidays. I'm sorry Halloween and Thanksgiving! I really am.
I want to buy this stamp to make gift tags.  
 Merry Christmas Stamp
This spectacular wrapping job is going to be attempted. I love the simple look.
Perfect Wrap Job
If we did Christmas cards, they would be this fabulously crisp. They're 100% recycled too!
The Cutest Chrismas cards
I'm curious to see if this actually works. I'm sure it does! 
Winter Simmer
This "look" will hopefully be recreated in my living room.
Log and Pine Decoration
I need someone to make these for me. Mommmm!!?
Cable-knit Stockings
Because it is...
The Most Wonderful Time of The Year Sign
This alpine bed set warms my heart!
 Alpine Bed Set

 These need to be on my table scape right meow!

 Place Setting

This is what all of my friends will be receiving. So simple!

Hot Chocolate Done Right

Last but not least...
The perfect Christmas planner for all of you type A organizing junkies!

 Christmas Planner

Have I planted the seed yet!?
 I am so, so sorry. I can't help myself.
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  1. Yep!! I am that girl also!! My decorations are going up this weekend and I can't wait!! :)


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