LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: October Goals

October Goals

01 October 2014

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Here's a little round up of things I would like to see happen in October!
+ Use my gym membership.
Because it's been months, need I say more. 

+ Complete interior decor for the living room.
I've ordered some pieces, and am very excited to have things start to fall into place.

+ Save, save, save!
I'm a little behind in saving due to moving and summer shenanigans, so hopefully I can catch up soon!

+ Search for an internship or another job opportunity to help further my career.
I'm okay with where I am now, but would love to learn something new to expand my horizons.

+ Begin Christmas Shopping.
This sounds ridiculous because it's only October, but my sister just finished all of her shopping and I feel behind. If I can get all this shopping done before the month of December, I will feel so accomplished and a huge weight will be lifted off of my shoulders. So I'm starting now.

Ha okay, I clicked preview and read Goal #5 and looked at the fall picture I had posted and laughed a little. We'll just save Goal #5 for next month.... here's another Goal #5 that's a little more appropriate for October.

+ Engage in some Salem, MA activities.
'Tis the season to bombard the most adorable town ever. Salem's a quick 30 minute train ride North, and now's the time to visit and learn about some of Salem's (well actually Danvers) history.
Ready, Set, Go!
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