LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: December Goals

December Goals

01 December 2014

Happy December 1st!
This is by far, my favorite month of the year. 
Here's to December, this is what I would love to see happen!
+ Save!
I have a personal goal that I have set for myself and it won't come off of this list until it is reached! 
+ Sell/get rid of 5-10 pieces of clothing that I don't wear.
There's so much, yet so little room.
+ Follow a healthier eating schedule.
I'm currently on an all sweets diet... and it needs to change!
+ Buy more picture frames for the living room walls!
They're looking rather boring these days... would love to liven the place up!
+ Engage in every possible Christmas activity!
Love, love, love this month!
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  1. Great goals!!! And saving during go, girl!!


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