13 May 2015

In an effort to have a more streamlined hair care routine with products that work for me, I have recently started to switch over to a handful of Aveda products. I've always known of Aveda, however I never started to use them on myself until I was gifted a few items from my sister. Now that I have had the opportunity to try some out, and have positive results I wanted to share some of my new favorite plant derived products with you!

What I'm currently using:
  • I use their damage remedy right after I get out of the shower to help detangle the mess that is my hair. I always apply a quarter sized amount on my damp hair, and then comb through it. This helps protect my hair from heat styling from my flat iron and blowdryer.
  • My hair does not hold a curl, nor will it ever, however a bottle of the smooth infusion naturally straight was gifted to me and I have used it a few times. I usually towel dry my hair and then apply this in sections right before I style/blow dry it. Even though my hair is naturally straight as it is, I noticed that when I use this, it leaves my hair very soft and it doesn't crimp as easily.
  • My most recent Aveda purchase was the air control hair spray. I love that it is a dry delivery, and does not leave your hair looking stiff, crispy, or crunchy. It holds fly aways down really well, and doesn't feel heavy on your hair. My only complaint would be the smell. I know that Aveda has a very distinct natural and plant like aroma to their products, however L told me the other day that I smelled like his dad and now whenever I catch a wiff, I can kind of smell what he's talking about. If it's any consolation, I did ask my boss what her thoughts were and she said she liked it, and loved the smell of Aveda, so maybe it's just L getting to me.

What I'm interested in:

  • I bounce back and forth between shampoos and conditioners and have yet to settle on one that I really, really love. In an effort to wash my hair less, I've been using Schwarzkopf's silver shampoo every couple of days to help keep my blonde locks, blonde! Honestly, any purple shampoo will work, however I do have my eye on Aveda's blue malva shampoo.
  • I've heard that their volumizing tonic does wonders when you spray it on your roots (when your hair is damp) and then blow it, leaving your hair with more volume and some shine!
  • Phomollient styling foam is another great product that helps to bring more volume to your hair. Again, this is to be applied to damp hair to help give it more body when you blow it out.
  • I currently have a damaging spray that I really like, but when I run out I'm going to give the brilliant damage control spray a go. I've been getting much better with exposing my hair less to thermal damage, however it never hurts to have a good spray on hand! 
What are your favorite Aveda products?

This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. I have been meaning to buy purple shampoo for a while! Maybe I'll give theirs a try. And that damage remedy sound like exactly what I need! I have the worst tangles with my hair this long.

  2. I walk by the Aveda store at least twice a week and always want to try some of their products! Thanks for your recommendations! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. In an effort to have a more streamlined hair care routine with products that work for me, I have recently started to switch over to a handful of ...


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