LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: 4th of July!

4th of July!

05 July 2013

In case you haven't heard it enough...
Happy 4th of July!
(a day late)
I am a total holiday guru, and look forward have count downs for each and every Holiday no matter how big or how small.
The fact that I had the day off of work yesterday made the day even better since work is always a tossup for every single holiday except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ahh, to continue on about the day yesterday!
It was probably the only nice day we've had here in Maine lately in awhile. If it's not raining here... it's snowing. However, yesterday (and today), we landed a perfectly sunny, hot, 90+ day here in New England. Woot woot!

We enjoyed most of the day time, grilling a feast up and snacking on some mighty delicious food followed by some pretty intense swimming afterwards. Being able to relax and unwind poolside is. Absolutely. Perfect. After we all completely exhausted ourselves from freeze tag and laying in the sun.. we crashed for a little bit, regained some energy and pumped up our bike tires. We loaded up the car and drove our bikes up to the coast... and then biked the rest of the way in hopes to avoid the crazy busy fireworks traffic. 

L and I before our bike ride.

We attended the Kennebunk fireworks this year and.. oh. my. gosh. they were good! Probably the best I've ever seen. They fire them right on the coast, where we can all sit on the beach and watch. The boats are also able to anchor themselves down and party. They put on quite the show, including ones that would shoot up from the water. My favorite! 

After the show, the boats would blow their horns, and everyone was trying to exit the coast. Ha! Yea right, it was next to impossible.. unless you were on a bike. Good thinking Dad! We biked our way back, stopped in Kennebunkport for some ice cream, and then continued the trek back to the car, that was conveniently parked far away from the traffic craziness. 

I hope everyone had a great day off yesterday!! 



  1. Glad you all had nice weather for the 4th. It poured in Kentucky ALL day!

  2. All Day!? That's no fun :(
    We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather!


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