30 BY 30

Here's the run around! (In no particular order, however I will bring them to the top as they are completed)

1) Take a polar plunge (DONE 01/01/14)

2) Hike Mount Washington (DONE 10/12/15 and DONE 09/29/16)

3) Create an Etsy shop (DONE 11/17/15)

4) Vegas! (DONE 05/18/16)

5) B.S. in biology (DONE 05/22/16)

6) Buy our first home (DONE 04/04/17)

7) Adopt another fur-child (perhaps a pup this time!?)(DONE 5/27/17)

8) Run a half marathon

9) Run a full marathon

10) Own an investment property

11) Pay of my student loans (haaaa)

12) Go to New Years Eve in NYC

13) Complete a triathlon

14) Plan a canoe/kayak trip town the the Saco River

15) Take a cruise to Bermuda (they dock in Boston!)

16) Ski Whistler

17) Go scuba diving

18) Visit Alaska

19) Visit Hawaii

20) Work for myself

21) Get married

22) Rebrand the blog

23) Start a family

24) Learn a second language

25) Swim with the dolphins

26) Publish something in BHG or HGTV

27) Host a progressive dinner party

28) Take a road trip from coast to coast (camping maybe?)

29) Go to a drive-in movie theater

30) Flip a house

What's on your 30 x 30 list!?

1 comment:

  1. firewalking in hawaii? and on lava?



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