LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: O' Christmas Tree

O' Christmas Tree

03 December 2014

On the first day of Christmas my true love bought for me.... a Chriiiiiiiiiiistmas Tree!

For my birthday on Monday, L and I were en route to our fancy dinner plans when we detoured past Prince Postale to see if they had anymore Christmas trees! This is our first real Christmas tree together, so try to imagine my excitement when we picked out the most beautiful and perfect tree! Thanks to our new apartment and our slightly "bigger" (and I use that term loosely) living room, we went for the biggest one he had! They call them North End trees (little 6 footers) because they are grown and cut to accommodate smaller spaces.

I'm a fan of the classic white lights on the tree however L loves the colored lights and eclectic look. This year we decided to go with white lights, silver balls and candy canes! Each year, we go to the Christmas store at Faneuil Hall and pick out a special ornament... last year we picked up a Red Sox ornament in honor of our 2013 World Series Win!

As of now we have two ornaments... our Red Sox, and a beer can. Riveting stuff.

We are slowly but surely building up our ornament collection and will soon have an arsenal of memories hanging up year after year.

I already have several gifts wrapped and modeling underneath the tree and I couldn't be more excited! I've had several people ask me if they're just empty wrapped boxes? Uh no. No one has any Christmas shopping faith in me this soon. 

 This cat is thoroughly enjoying the holiday season! I am forcing it upon her. 
I bought stuff for her stocking and have already given half of it to her already. #fail

21 Days, 13 Hours, 50 minutes until Christmas!!

Have you put your tree up yet?
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  1. What a cute tree!! And, you go with those wrapped presents! Mine are piled up still in their boxes!! :) I am totally a fan of white lights...we do a fun one for Cameron that's mostly blue, and he loves it!

  2. Absolutely love the tree you got and I love that they are cut specifically for smaller apartments!!! Happy belated birthday as well!

  3. CUTE TREE! I'm like you and really like the simplicity of the all white lights. S likes to have multi color. So, in order for me to put all the ornaments on the tree I want I have to have colored lights. Give and take. Thanks for dropping in to Tickly My Tastebuds Tuesday.


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