LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup

09 January 2015

I tackled trying to take the tree down the other day and ended up making a huge mess! Our building requires us to use tree bags to transfer trees in and out so that we don't leave a trail of needles on they're clean carpets. Well, I had no tree bag so I created my own out of saran wrap, multiple trash bags and tape. In other news, the living room is cleaned up and all of the Christmas decorations are almost all put away. Loving the fresh palette. 

New year, new eating habits? HA, what a joke. I tried. While these foods do taste delicious and make me feel so much more energized I find myself miserable without my beloved Cape Cod kettle cooked chips. I'm still doing well with it (mainly because my healthy food is all readily available), except for the part when I hounded a brownie and ice cream at work because I forgot I was eating healthy and the time (yesterday) when I made a special trip to the market to buy ingredients to make a cookie cake. fail, fail, double fail. 

It's finally starting to look and feel like winter around here with snow flurries and freezing temps. I am really REALLY starting to appreciate the fact that my wonderful landlord pays for heat. We've been bundled up in our flannels battling it out in cards. Last year we paid for electric heat and found ourselves in the high hundreds these months just to heat out 12 sqft. bathroom.  

 In other news, I'm itching for a workshop so that I can build these adirondack beauties out of wooden pallets.

...AND I'm taking this on as my project of the month. Fridge perfection!

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!
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