LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Myrtle Beach - Year 4

Myrtle Beach - Year 4

14 August 2015

L's family makes a trip down to beautiful South Carolina every year, where we get our yearly dose of Myrtle Beach fun in the sun. This year was no exception, as we once again stayed oceanside at the Sandy Beach Resort and spoiled ourselves silly. While we are always looking for fun little city get aways, this is usually one of our bigger trips that we look forward to all year round. There is something about palm trees and sinking your feet in the sand with a Carolina Quench in your hand.

We arrived in Charleston a few days earlier and invested some time in learning about the area (potential new home? maybe?). In addition, we also spent a few days with my grandparents playing on and exploring the plantation that they recently moved to. We ended up kayaking all over the lake and achieved our ultimate goal of spotting a baby alligator hanging by the brushes. L and I made the mistake of exposing our city skin to those Carolina rays leaving us with many kisses from the sun. I haven't burnt myself like that since I was a lifeguard, and am paying for it now... peeling like a snake! 


We headed up to Myrtle Beach after a few days where we spent every single day toasting in the sun and getting our salty water fix in. Needless to say, after L's sister took a pretty nasty sting from a jellyfish, we opted to spend the rest of the time in the pools. L and I were in need of some beach towels, so I went ahead and picked up two of these Land's End Rugby Towels before our trip, which are still on sale for $20 if you're in the market. They're over six feet long, and extremely comfortable to lay on. 

We had a few sand castle competitions and without a doubt, the girls castle lasted the longest against the incoming tide. Our method: build up! Eventually, it did come crashing down. Not without a fight though! 

Side note: If you're looking for a bathing suit top that stays on in the ocean, I am sold on Lululemon's salty swim top. It's equivalent to a sports bra, is reversible and drys extremely quickly. That is because there is no support. Definitely not something I would wear in the cold New England ocean, however in the sunny and warm South. I was all set, no issues here! The bottoms however did not work at all for me. I like something with a little more coverage, and unfortunately the options that they offered just didn't do it. 

We all had a little fun at both of the outlets, and I ended up coming home with a new wristletwalletdresssports bra and shirt, not to mention it was tax free weekend so I can kind of justify it. I ran out of clothes, and by the end of the week I started wearing my purchases!

We ate out every night and had some pretty delicious feasts, if I do say so myself. A few of these places included, Hominy Grille (Charleston), Duffy's Tavern (Boardwalk), Pier 2, Goodfellas (NMB), Abuelo's, Outback, The Liberty (Broadway at the Beach), Sticky Fingers, and we can't forget the dozens of donuts from Krispy Kreme that we inhaled for breakfast! Just typing those places out make me want to eat lunch again, so delicious! 

I really wish I would've snapped some more photos from our trip, but I was all concerned about taking video clips that it slipped my mind. Be sure to check out the video below that I put together that encapsulates all of the fun and memories from our week!

We're already dreaming about next years trip!

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  1. Oh my gosh you poor thing with that sunburn - that is the worst! If you move to charleston I'll be mighty jealous! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. we're going to MB in september for a conference - I am going to have to get my hands on one of those carolina quench drinks ;) hope you're recovering from that sunburn!

  3. That sunburn is brutal yikes! Hope you're not in too uncomfortable - I know sunburn can be a pain. Glad you had a fun time though!

  4. Ah I feel so bad about your sunburn, that looks so painful! Also, if you don't mind me asking, what did you use to edit your videos?


    1. I used Instagram to edit these ones. Lately, the "REYES", "SLUMBER", "CREMA", "LUDWIG" AND "ADEN" filters have been my favorite. I love using VSCO cam as well (:

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