LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: We Adopted a Puppy!

We Adopted a Puppy!

13 August 2017

(Griffin at 5 months relaxing on his giant bean bag)

Like all great things, adopting our newest furchild, Griffin, was just as unexpected as they come. L and I had no intentions of adding to our little family anytime soon. We have had our beloved Macy Cat since 2013, but cats are (for the most part) low maintenance, autopilot pets that need fed, watered and their box cleaned as needed. Do not fear, she gets her daily dose of loving and attention from us as well. She has us both wrapped around her little paws. Having been renting for the past 4 years we knew we wouldn't be able to have a dog until we had a place of our own. However, the stars seemed to align the day we moved into our first house!

May 27, 2017 (moving day) - L and I were en route to Kennebunk with my parents to grab some furniture from a storage locker. With a little encouragement from them, we all thought it would be fun to made a quick detour to the local shelter on our way to the locker to just "look around" (the day prior my parents had adopted a 2.5 month yellow lab puppy from there). Long story short... we fell in love with the yellow lab's brindle brother!

We had no intentions of taking a dog home, let alone a little puppy, but it truly was love at first sight. We have never been actively looking for ourselves, however, we have found that it is rather difficult to find dogs to adopt because EVERYONE wants a dog here! It's great! Animal Welfare Society transports them from other parts of the country and people wait outside the shelter doors for hours in hopes of adopting. There is such a high demand that they have to give out numbers resulting in some future fur-parents arriving in the wee hours of the morning to get numbers first. I don't know how we got so lucky!

(A screenshot of the website right after we adopted him. His former name was Jonas. His sister Jaki was adopted at the same time by a different family and his yellow lab brother is pictured at the bottom)

(Griffin riding around in the Petco carriage right after we brought him home.)

(Playing with his reflection while we try to sleep)

(Looking adorable in the truck - no worries, we weren't driving)

He is now 5 months old (his birthday is March 8th) and almost 45 pounds! When we brought him home he weighed the same as our cat (12 pounds).

He's absolutely fascinated with Macy Cat and sometimes forgets that she is only 1/4 his size, however, we've been letting Macy grow her nails out so that she can school him when necessary.

He's also very interested in our neighbors yards, so L put in an invisible fence (this one) to help remind him where his boundaries are. Watching him get shocked is more painful for me than him. Thankfully, it only took a few zaps and now we rarely feel the need to put the collar on him anymore.

He's really smart and thus far has learned how to shake, roll over, sit and lay down. He's done really well with house training, however ha has had an accident or two in the morning when he can't wait any longer.

He's a total snuggle bug and ends up sandwiched between L and I every night with Macy Cat right above our heads. We go on walks everyday and adventures every weekend. Just last weekend we brought him up to North Conway for the first time to play in Diana's Baths with his brother. He's the happiest soul in the house and is always so welcoming when we get home! 

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