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Budget Chart & Calculator

03 April 2013

If you're like me, you like to document and organize pretty much every aspect of your life in order to live a more simpler lifestyle. I have everything stored and organized into different documents, that are organized into different files. One document that I use frequently (and will use much more next year), is a budget chart that I created in a computer class that I had to take once upon a time. It helps me organize my projected income and expenses month by month.

I inserted codes so that when you change a number (like your monthly income during the school months or summer months), it will change that data too and make it more accurate. It will calculate your monthly and yearly total income, along with your monthly expenses. 

For this chart, I randomly filled out the first month, but you can insert your own numbers. It will calculate all of your expenses (rent, food, utilities, etc.), and then subtract that from the total income that you insert. It will also calculate your total 'Net Cash Flow' and show you how much you have left to spend (or save)! It also keeps track of your savings too, and will calculate what you start with, how much you deposit, withdrawal, and the ending balance. 

This is a 'Home Savings Projection', and calculates the amount you can save if you deposit X amount of money per month. 

AND, last but not least, if you are a homeowner, this here will calculate monthly mortgage payments for you. All you have to do is insert your annual interest rate, payments per year, interest rate per periods, number of years, number of payments and the loan amount! I randomly filled in some numbers to show you how it works! (: 

If you are interested in using any of these documents to help organize your lifestyle and budget it a little... here is the link to download them! They are all in one Excel document, and organized in three different sheets. Budget Chart
(I do give credit to the Microsoft Applications class at NWSCC for giving me the outline and instructions to work with to create the document)

Enjoy!! & Happy Budgeting (:



  1. Thank you! I am doing the 52 week savings challenge and this chart will help me, too!

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  3. this is a great idea. When I click on your link though, the page came up blank. Any ideas why I can't read it? I'd love to download your chart for the 52 week saving challenge, but if not I will make one up of my own... Just thought you'd like to know about the page being blank...


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