LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: A Great Time in the Hub, and some Maine Love

A Great Time in the Hub, and some Maine Love

11 April 2013

Ohio --> Boston -->  Kennebunk --> Boston --> Ohio

That would be the order of destinations over the past few days! Boy oh boy what a great trip it was!!

We left last Thursday night, (a 12.5 hour trip) and arrived at our hotel around 12pm. We stayed at the Revere Hotel, which is located on Stuart street, a stones throw away from the heart of the city. When we arrived, the hotel did not have our room ready, so we dilly dallied around the city, walked through the Commons, Beacon Hill, and grabbed a bite to eat! After checking back with the hotel the third time (yes, we really were that annoying --we were so tired.... all we wanted were naps and showers), they finally had our room ready! When we went up to our room, it was a clean room, but it had someone else's belongings everywhere. Backpacks, suitcases, iPads, iPods, everything! Apparently, the computer system messed up, so finally they put us in an unused room and we zonked out and slept for 3 years.

We spent a good amount of our time eating and walking. When we weren't doing that, we visited neat places like The Old North Church, the Harbor Walk, the Wharfs, Harvard, North End, Beacon Hill, Quincy Market, the Commons, etc... there was so much to do! Not to mention, the city is the most beautiful city in the country, historically rich and amazing! (: 

(Look how far the squirrel is stretching his little leg just to get a nut)

(Part of the Harbor Walk located by the Wharfs in North End)

Everyone in Boston (for the most part), was so nice!! If we were lost, or had a question, they would stop what they were doing, whip out their smart phones and google it right up for us, and then point us in the right direction! 

On Monday, we traveled from Boston to Kennebunk, and made some pit stops along the way. Besides the many restroom breaks, we stopped at the liquor/lottery store in NH on 95, where we tried our luck with some lotto tickets. I think altogether we won $40 (that's exciting, because we NEVER win stuff)! We then traveled on and took Route 1A right up the beautiful East Coast (Maine mostly) on the very twisty roads. We stopped at Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine and visited the neat shops, and then climbed the rocks on the coast. They also had a neat bike/walking trail that ran along the coast, but we preferred risking it and climbed those beautiful rocks! I highly recommend visiting, the view was beautiful!

I don't think it gets more beautiful than this!

From Perkins Cove, we traveled to Kennebunkport, and visited the Bush's summer home at Walker's Point. What an amazing location to have a compound (...if only I was a president), surrounded by water and beautiful houses and views. The road was pretty quiet, but I'm SURE it gets quite busy when the summer season hits! Also, I've never seen so many black SUV's before in my life... this is the real deal. (: 

This was about the closest that we could get. They probably have netting and stuff surrounding the compound in the water. It just seems to easy to get there, and is SO close to the road.

(Met up with Daddio - he biked there because he is practically Neil Armstrong, not to mention he just about beat me there and I was driving)

Back in Kennebunport, we visited a super neat shop that had the neatest things that are all created by American artisans. I fell in LOVE with this piece!

We then dined at a neat restaurant that overlooked the water. 

The next day we headed back to Boston, took care of some things (or didn't), and then we began the 12.5 hour trek back to Ohio! 

What an amazing and very productive trip to New England! I will certainly be going back soon!! (:

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