LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: DIY Wedding Shadow Box

DIY Wedding Shadow Box

12 April 2013

Sometimes at 2 in the morning, I find myself not sleeping, and up doing crafts instead. I don't know why, but that's just what happens. 

Landon's sister recently got married this January, actually 3 months ago today to be exact! I've known Ash for several years now, and I'd like to say we've grown pretty close and she's practically a sister to me! She likes the eclectic, vintage look, so her wedding theme was very neat! The bridal party was a blast, and the wedding and reception itself were so much fun! 

After the wedding, I made sure to keep the Save The Dates, Invitations, Wedding Program, and other random things. I wanted to compile them altogether and make her a wedding shadow box!

Well... month one passed and all the trinkets were sitting in my room collecting dust. I had good intentions for them, I just didn't have the time or energy to go out and collect the rest of the things I needed for the project. 

So finally, 3 MONTHS LATER (I know, I know... I put it off for awhile), TODAY, when Landon and I were strutting around Walmart in search for something to eat, I said "Hey Landon, I wonder if they have shadow boxes here?" So we went over to the picture frame section, and TA DA!! Who would have thought Walmart would have shadow boxes? Thrilled, I picked up a 12" x 12" one and began brainstorming. Now I HAD to finish the project, I had all the supplies! 

So now, here I am, covered in glue at 4 in the morning blogging about the Wedding Shadow Box that I made for Ash. (: 

First, I started with a shadow box. This one had a burlap background which was awesome! Went well with the theme.

Next, I collected all kinds of "memories" that had to do with the wedding.

Finally, I compiled everything together and VOILA!! a wedding shadow box! (: The flower pressed up against the glass and is kind of covering Jon's face... what can ya do..

This was such a fun project, and it's really neat for anniversaries, wedding gifts (3 month wedding gifts... oops), etc. (:


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  1. Love this idea ... I have so many things just in a box.
    It will look so nice in our bedroom


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