Mount Major

30 June 2013

Saturday... my Dad, brother, L and I hiked it up to the beautiful Mount Major summit.

Located in Alton, New Hampshire... and South of Lake Winnipesaukee, the Mountain stands 1,786 feet in elevation and is a part of the Belknap Mountain range.

It was a good hike, taking about an hour up and an hour down, however a lot of the hike was rock faced, which was wet and resulted in a few falls.

If this is your first hike of the season, turn around and pick a different mountain.
Mt. Kick My Ass can be a little tricky if you're a beginner... out of shape... or me.

After we hiked slid our way down the mountain, we went for a swim in the lake, and then hit up the nearest Olive Garden (of course) for dinner.

After our adventure day of hiking and swimming, we parked our car in downtown Portsmouth and explored the exciting area.

They had this adorable cutout board in Prescott Park that we HAD to get a picture with. My dads face cracks me up!

Oh! L and I went to Boston on Thursday to deal with apartment details, and I couldn't help but share with you this gorgeous picture!


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