LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Five on Friday!

Five on Friday!

21 June 2013

As I was browsing through my blog reading list this morning, I decided that I wanted to join the blog link-up party with Darci, Natasha, April, and Christina!

I know I talked about this in my last post, but I am so obsessed with how the nautical stripes turned out that I wanted to share with you the final masterpiece! Give me a paintbrush and I'll create a masterpiece! I'll try at least. I taped the stripes off 12" from one another, and used the colors Casual White and Thin Ice. My current project is painting my parents master bedroom. So far I have painted all the walls two coats of "Casual White", and am thinking about painting one of the walls (that has two windows on it) a light accent color.

My mom sent me this adorable calendar page. Sums next year up in a nutshell!
Everything I earn starting in August will end up going towards my sky high Boston rent. 
Very, very depressing.
Oh well! That's the price you pay to be right smack dab in the center of a historically rich, culturally diverse, beautiful city! ...and I'm OKAY with that!

My dad gets into these phases where he finds food that he likes, and eats it over, and over, and over again! His newest fad is Olive Garden. He goes there mainly for his four huge bowls of salad. So, once again... we ate at OG again the other night... for the 4th time this week.
(Sorry for the blurry photo. It's hard to take pictures when you're dominating in cards!)

My brother and I wanted to explore the area that we live by a little bit more... so we took an afternoon to walk the trails of a Land Trust that is conveniently located two skips away from our drive way.
The trust is open for walking, running, hiking, horseback riding, basically everything except for vehicles, ATV's, etc...
The main path that starts in the parking area loops up by a pond that is located in the center of the Trust, and then back to the parking area. It's about a 2.25 mile walk (depending upon which path you take), and is nicely cleared. We made it to the pond (which is kinda creepy shaped), looked at it, and then walked back. There really wasn't a place to hang, as it was very weeded... but it was certainly a beautiful sight!

I returned back to work Monday! I took about two weeks off so that I could move and get situated in Maine. So basically, I just transferred stores so that it would be an easy transition. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and I am determined to learn the changes quickly. Feels good to be back in a working environment and have some more cash flow. 

Have a happy and enjoyable weekend! I'm thinking I'm going to be Boston Bound!


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