LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

03 June 2013

I've been looking forward to this weekend for awhile now! It has been filled with constant on the go fun shenanigans. 

Friday, was my last day at my job here in Ohio. It was so bittersweet! I really enjoyed working at the local Applebee's as a server, and could not ask for better coworkers and managers. Everyone that works there is so incredibly kind, and will bend over backwards to help you out and make you feel appreciated! Our Applebee's is getting a makeover at the end of June, where we will be getting new outside awnings and road signs, new bar stools, high tops and bar lights, and all of the framed pictures and artifacts that cover Applebee's walls will be gone! SO, when I found out about the remodel a couple months ago, I asked my GM if I could have this sweet retro framed Coors sign that hung in the FOH by the bar. He said I could! I almost forgot about it until Friday, when I reminded him and asked him if I could still claim the sweet sign! He said yes, and went out to the FOH and unscrewed it off the wall and gave it to me right then and there! How awesome is that!? I will hang this beauty in my kitchen in my minuscule apartment in Boston, and when I am someday a homeowner, it will claim a spot on the wall by my bar!

Saturday, mom and I spent some time in the kitchen cooking up a crazy delicious storm for my brother's graduation "get together" (we weren't aloud to call it a party ac
cording to the bro). My older sister arrived home shortly, followed by my Uncle from KY, my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins from PA, my dad from ME, and my Oma and Opa from NJ! Party Hardy! A lot of the gang was here! L and I went with some friends to see Fast and Furious 6 (ahem, I think I need a new car), which was really entertaining! We finished the night with some cards games, story telling and laughing! I love when family gets together! 

Sunday, marked a very special high school graduation day for my little brother! As much as he hated school, we practically had to get on our knees and BEG him to go to the ceremony and walk across the stage... that stuff is just not his thing. He didn't want to have a party, and he limited the "get together" to family only. However, despite his stubbornness to participate in graduation festivities, we are very proud and happy for him! We celebrated by having a fun family picnic after the ceremony, followed by card games and a family walk! 

Aren't these candid photos of the family great? 

My oldest sister and I

His graduating class!

Had to snap an infamous "Opa park job"

Check out that delish taco dip!

My makeshift gift for him! 

I am still knee deep in packing. Packing is such a struggle for me! I have been seriously riding the struggle bus for the past month or so trying to get everything in order for the move. 
Really, now is the time for me to sit back, go through every last thing I own and decide whether or not I really do or do not need it. That is the only way I'll ever shuffle through the drawers of clothing, and shelves of crap that I have accumulated over the years in Ohio. 
I'm trying to organize my boxes of packed items up from what is going to Maine, what is going to Boston, what I need to pack for our family trip to Mackinac, what I'll need for the next week, and what I can get rid of! That's too many things for me to even comprehend, let alone pack for! 

On a brighter note, I am going to get my new Macbaby Thursday in Ann Arbor! It's about time. The Mac that I am currently using is making me work. I can't save anything at all to it anymore, and if I have more that 2 safari tabs open, it will close the pages and I have to start over. So basically, it's making blogging a tad bit more difficult. I have to write my blog, and then email the pics I use to myself and open them on my mom's Windows PC (which I have no idea how to use), and then upload them from there. Tricky tricky. 

Enjoy your week!


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