LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island

07 June 2013

My Oma, Opa, mom, dad, brother and I just got back home last night from a fun couple of days on Mackinac Island. Located up by the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Mackinac Island is only reachable by ferry, and they do not allow cars or vehicles on the island. Your mode of transportation is either your two feet, a bike or a horse and carriage! Known for their amazingly delicious fudge, the island attracts a tons of summer tourists. We've been up to the island several times before, and enjoy the peacefulness it has to offer!

To start off the trip, I feasted on one of these babies! Are these not the most delicious parfaits ever? mmm

The main street on the Island

 The brother and I

 The tulips were beautiful!

They are the cutest! 

So many HUGE horses!

My favorites (:

Opa had to remind this guy to hook the horses up from the back as well.

Another picture of the cuties!

This dog is so beautiful! Look at her gorgeous blue eyes!

The family at the Governor's mansion

Mini Golf!

The bugs here were crazy! 

OH! and I finally upgraded!! First post on my new Macbaby!
...and I love it!

Starting the move to Maine tonight!
I think/hope I have everything packed that I will need!


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