5 on Fri!

19 July 2013


Hey, Howdy, Hey!
How was everyone's week?
If you've been keeping up with the blog, you probably noticed that I've been cooking up some delicious concoctions in the kitchen this week.

Here's a little highlight of the Friday thoughts!

-- ONE --
I found myself like a ball and chain this week to the oven. I kept wanting to make stuff. I whipped up these tasty coconut macaroons, as well as this delicious fruit pizza!

-- TWO --
My little sister came up from Ohio to visit for a week, so I took her on a little Maine adventure. We found ourselves at the beach in the early AM. SO relaxing. It's hard to believe those UV rays are zapping you so bad when the weather is absolutely so perfect with a nice breeze.

THIS is what happened. Burned the first layer of my face off, except for (of course) where my sunglasses were. Fantastic! Can't wait to go into work today looking like a raccoon. 

-- THREE --
N and I drove over to the Bush's compound after the beach. You know, just checking on the neighbor's. Haha, yea right. It was quite the tourist hotspot, as expected, but we always love biking/driving over there to check it out. Last week Dad and L were biking over there and they saw Barbara out there on a huge bike hanging with some kids. Pretty cool... It's quite the setup they have!

-- FOUR --
This song.
This song is so catchy.
Song of the summer they say?
-- FIVE --
I'm constructing a 30 by 30 list.
I know I have a little less than a decade before I hit that mark, but I'm very goal oriented and a mega list maker... so I thought.. why not?
There will be short term goals and long term goals, as well as mandatory "to-do's" (pay off those undergrad loans).

Have you every made a 30 by 30 list?
If so, what kind of goals did you set for yourself?


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