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Apartment Goodies

25 July 2013


Tonight after I get home from work, I will be snuggled up on the couch with hot cocoa watching either Elf or Christmas Vacation! I love Christmas!

I realize it has been 6 days centuries since I last posted on the blog, and quite frankly... I'm not very happy about that. Work has been sucking every last ounce of energy out of me lately leaving me with little to no time to give my blog some love. On the bright side, I did overtime it at the job this week. 40+ hours baby! At my old job, we were NEVER ever aloud to work over 30. 30 hours was considered overtime. So when I put my Friday night shift up for grabs on our little online schedule machine, and some gracious soul picked it up... I just wanted to do backflips the rest of the day! Thank goodness for people like that! 

Anyways.... moving on to the point of this post.

Since today marks one week until I move to the hub, I thought I would share with you some treasures that I will be decorating the apartment up with!

I'm in love with this rug. In love.
This will more than likely go in the living area in front of the couch.
The bright green should certainly brighten up the unit!

This beauty can actually be mounted on the wall. It was white, but then I painted it black... and now I love it.
...and I will probably leave every single one of L and I's high school homecoming and prom pictures at home, and replace them with more updated pictures. These ones are too special to me. I would probably end up breaking or losing one if I tried moving them again.

I found these counter height bar stools for a complete steal. They are not anything fancy, but they swivel all the way around and will fit perfectly where they need to be.

This bookcase used to be this hideous green and brown combo, so I took a paint brush to it and made it a little more friendlier looking.
Because my room is basically 8x10, I have decided to forgo the option of having a nightstand and will use this as a nightstand/bookshelf combo. I just don't have the space! Maybe I can find some cute baskets to stick on the shelves so that my disgusting looking organic chemistry and haunting lab books everything isn't so exposed. 

I wish I could share more with you today, but my job says otherwise.

Stay tuned for the Friday 5 tomorrow!


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