LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: 2013 in Review!

2013 in Review!

31 December 2013


I hope everyone had a splendid year!

Here's my twenty thirteen in review!

Started the year out right with two of my three siblings in KY. N was in Africa… 

Celebrated the matrimony of L's sister!! Her January wedding was absolutely beautiful!

Traveled to the Dominican Republic with my mom for a medical missions trip!

 Earned my Associate of Science - half way there!

Visited Mackinac Island with family!

 Moved to Maine for the summer!

…and enjoyed every minute of it!

 Moved to Boston!!!!

 Attended another A7X concert! Love this band!

 Cheered those Sox on to that World Series Victory!
What a fun time that was!

 Took my first official Duck Tour!

 Turned 21! …as did L!

Adopted my FIRST fur baby!!

She's a beaut!

…and a weirdo

Experienced my first Christmas in Boston!

Finished the year up on some beautiful Vermont slopes with my new ski bunny!

Cheers to the New Year!!!!

Happy New Year!



  1. Hello Kaylie!

    I found through the 52-week challenge pic that was shared on Facebook. Looks like you had a wonderful year. YAY! Thanks for posting the challenge, love the idea. Happy New Year!! :)

    1. Thank You!

      I hope you try the challenge! If so, let me know how it goes! (:

      Happy New Year!


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