LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Hello 2014!

Hello 2014!

01 January 2014

HELLO 2014!

I guess it would only be right if I would list off to you my New Years resolutions.
Half of them are the same from last year since I never actually did them.

Find a gym, get a membership, and get toned!
(I haven't seen the inside of a gym since forever)

Organize and keep better track of every single receipt

Sleep! Get more of it! Aim for 9 hours, get 8 hours… every night!

Increase my GPA by maintaining at least a 3.5 each semester

Complete another year of the "52 Week Money Challenge"

$ave, $ave, $ave!

Try to meet some of my 30 BY 30 goals!

What are your 2014 goals?


  1. Visit my Mother more often - Finish school - Attend my graduation - Get a job doing this thing that I love - Buy a new car (BMW 5 Series a White one!)

  2. Awesome! I want a BMW!
    No place to park a car here in Boston though!


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