LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: The Day of Love… tomorrow

The Day of Love… tomorrow

13 February 2014

Can you believe tomorrow is Valentine's Day!?

Sure snuck up on me!

Today, is also my one year blog anniversary! 
One year ago today I published my first post that was about making a Valentine's Day gift for L!

So in honor or a full year of blogging, I bring to you this years Valentine's Day craft!
Each year, I try to make something handmade and crafty for L. While this is our 5th Valentine's Day together, I can not for the life of me remember what we did for out first two together. Isn't that sad? We were in high school. There is only so much that can be expected.

I do remember that for V Day 2012 I made the "52 Things I Love About You" card deck, and V Day 2013 I mod podged basically every picture ever taken of us onto two huge wooden letters that read "L & K". So in an effort to keep the crafting alive, I whipped up a fun framed project that commemorates the two places where we have lived.

Inspired by Pinterest, I printed out maps of the states we had lived in together, and cut them out.

I got about halfway around the Cape when I realized I should have used my Silhouette to cut these out. Lesson learned.

I used an 11" x 14" floating frame to display the states.

I used my labeler to print out the city and state of each location as well as cut out small hearts and a mount for the labels. 

Happy Valentine's Day! (tomorrow)


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