LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Friday Confessions

Friday Confessions

27 June 2014

Mixing things up a bit today and linking up with Leslie to confess a few things!

I confess...
ONE// I'm inhaling a pack of graham crackers and frosting as I write this. My excuse? I have to clean out the pantry - moving in a month!

TWO// The wing back chair that I talked about painting last week? YUP, still working on it. In fact, here is a beautiful shot of how it looks right now. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess.

...and then I ran out of paint...

THREE// I'm on complete lazy mode this summer. I've planned 4 different week long vacations, and have only been working 2-4 days a week. Life. Is. Good.

FOUR// I'm addicted to Ikea. As soon as I get my Zip Card, I will be zipcar-ing it to Ikea to purchase all kinds of goodies from there! Like this and this.

FIVE// I butchered my cats hair cut. Yes, yes I know NOW that you should never attempt to shave a cat yourself. Get it done professionally! I was so fed up with all her long cat hair everywhere that I begged L to borrow his razor, and I took matters into my own hands. Long story short, I made a huge cat hairy mess in the apartment, and only managed to shave a little off of her. Oh, and I accidentally must have swiped her whiskers because she's missing them on one side. I'm so embarrassed. The even sadder part... I have to take her to the vet to get her shots updated again before I can take her to the groomers. SO.. we're both working up enough confidence to embark on that adventure. <-- this was definitely the most embarrassing confession!

It doesn't look that bad though! Does it?

 It sure felt good to get that stuff off my chest! Head on over to Leslie's page to join the link-up and confess to your own bad cat haircut stories.
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  1. Hi there! Just popping over from the link up. I think your kitty looks great :) I cut my dogs hair myself and have screwed it up soo many times. I think my dog actually feels embarrassed when I walk her with a fresh cut.
    I've never painted a chair, or any fabric before... What is the best way to do that?

    1. Oh, thanks! (: My friends and Landon seem to disagree, but hey... you do what you can do!

      This is my first project that involves painting fabric so I'm learning as well. First and foremost, it will look way worse before it will look better. Also, I think the key to it is to give it a few good watered down base coats with a fabric medium and paint color of your choice.

      I will post a little tutorial once things gets finished up around here - which could be another week or two or three (at the rate I'm going)...


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