LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: View from my Lens

View from my Lens

02 August 2014

In love with this princess.

Flew out to Ohio.

While in Ohio, helped mom rip up and replace the carpet.

 Did Ohio things.

Celebrated the nuptials of some longtime friends.

Got fancy with this winner.

Rodeo watching in Cowtown, New Jersey. It's a place.

Caught up with some family from the Netherlands!

Scoped out the location of our new apartment. Very, very excited!

Started taking real estate classes. Be jealous of that cassette player.

Began the painful process of packing.

Ventured down into the basement of my most recent apartment to discover we all had huge storage boxes down there --one week before we move. fabulous.

Ate my weight in chocolate at Max Brenner.

...three times in one week...

Continued to go sleepless nights while shoving the past year into boxes.

Scored a killer deal on some Ikea Brimnes bureaus. Getting them all cleaned up for the new abode.

Finally all packed up!

Feeling thankful for professional movers.

Shed a tear as I locked up and left my very first apartment.
Looking forward to the new adventures at the new and very upgraded apartment. Move in day is set for August 7th, in the meantime I am soaking up every ounce of sun that Myrtle Beach is giving me. Unfortunately, that's not much this week.
P.S. Happy 1 year Bostanniversary to us!! August 1st marked one, full happy year of living in the city of champions!!
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