LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Real Talk: Why do I blog?

Real Talk: Why do I blog?

03 September 2014

I started blogging over a year ago, 19 months to be exact. 
I don't remember the exact reason as to why I started one, but I know that I wanted an outlet for my creative juices, and a place to reference back to. I have been reading blogs for slightly longer than I have had my own and enjoyed the inspiration and ideas that other bloggers had to share. While Life As You Live It does not exactly have one set theme, I'd like to think that it can be classified as a lifestyle blog thanks to its eclectic subjects that revolve around home interiors, projects, and day to day adventures that I experience.

When I started this blog I was living at home with my parents in rural Ohio. Plain and simple, life was easy. Now, I'm living it up on my own (well, with L) in the North End of Boston. A LOT has changed. I work almost everyday to support my new, and slightly more expensive lifestyle, I have developed a better taste in interior decor and fashion, and am also balancing a diversified plate of day to day activities. I wouldn't change it for the world, however sometimes I find blogging take a back seat during a busy week or month. I certainly would not classify myself as a full time blogger, however I am working hard to generate more posts per week to share a little more about what goes on around here.

The main reasons that I blog are to keep track of life so that I can look back and see what happened (it's like a big diary), and to also share and promote personal favorites that I love and feel others will appreciate as well. While being behind the screen has certainly led me to spending a little more money (all those links from other blogs!), I too have been introduced to a handful of good, quality products that I may not have been able to find elsewhere.

Where am I going with this post? I just wanted to wrap an arm around you and say thank you! Thanks for following along and providing your support, input and comments. It makes my day.
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