LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Top 5 Blogs I Can't Get Enough Of

Top 5 Blogs I Can't Get Enough Of

31 August 2014

I try to keep my my blog roll at a reasonable number so that I am able to read and enjoy my favorites blogs.

Here are some of my top favorites that I read religiously and have been following for years!


Sherry and John created Young House Love to highlight the transformation of their very first house over seven years ago. Today, they still continue to share house remodel projects, while also working on their second book and raising their two kids, Clara and Teddy. They post regularly and are constantly sharing inspiration photos and ideas as well as day in the life posts.


Megan brings a classy element to her blog and focus's her posts on trendy fashion finds, beauty, and her newlywed life in South Carolina. She's constantly introducing her readers to new leads, makeup tutorials, and every couple of posts we get a cameo appearance of her cat, Winston!


Little Baby Garvin 
Jess caters her blog to all those fun loving, day in the life readers out there. She hilarious and completely real about her day to day adventures and misadventures of raising her two little girls. She's also more commonly known for her fun chalkboard art and design work that you may have seen around Pinterest.

iHeart Organizing 
Being Type A myself, Jen's blog is right up my alley. She shares great tips and advice as to how she personally organizes her home and keeps her family of 5 on track 24/7. Whether it's DIY projects, organizing projects, or painting projects, she sure to have something that everyone loves.

Peanut Butter Runner 
Jen's blog is tailored around her busy life as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and fitness instructor as well as cooking amazing meals and writing a book on the side. I don't know how she has time to fit everything into her day, however I enjoy reading her insight on workouts, food and life! 
What are your some of your favorites?
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