LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Friday Thoughts on Monday

Friday Thoughts on Monday

27 October 2014

Getting an extremely late start on this - I can explain. I had all intentions of going live with this post on Friday.. ya know.. like every other Friday, BUT.. I had to catch up on three seasons of Scandal... so that happened.
I am getting comfortable with my new job working in the real estate field with Elite Boston Landmark Realty.  I have truly loved living in the North End of Boston for the past year and cannot think of a better way to appreciate and share the neighborhood more than to help others find their new home here. There's so much to learn, and so many neat places to check out that I continue to discover day after day. I started a professional page on facebook if you're looking to find a place in the area, or just want to follow along!

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I take classes very part time, and am slowly but surely working my way through all of the necessary biology classes and other prerequisites required to graduate. I'm only 10 classes away from that piece of paper. Seeing this the other day made me stop and realize... "this long road is coming to an end, someday".
Scandal. I wanted to like this show because everyone else does, and man am I addicted to it. I started from square 1 last week and am already all caught up.. 3 seasons later. To say there was a lot of lying in bed, procrastinating and popcorn eating this week is an understatement. 
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  This recipe made my day. It is the easiest and sweetest scoop of perfection that I've had in awhile. Yum!

I put my fancy pants on this past Thursday and went out to the Fairmont Battery Wharf for a wine tasting event for the Jimmy Fund. I believe I have found my new favorite winery. I'm not much of a wine drinker, and when I am... it's moscato and other sweetness. One of the tables, Plymouth Bay Winery offered very sweet selections including apricot, raspberry and my favorite, widow's walk! Did I mention they also make dips out of their wines as well. My favorite, "What'ta Pair" tasted just like apple pie filling. After the wine tasting extravaganza we all went out to eat at the wonderful and popular North End Italian favorite, Bricco!
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  I began my Christmas list constructing and purchasing this past week. I think I'm more excited about wrapping the gifts than anything else! I'm thinking this years theme is going to look a little but like this!
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Happy Monday! 
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  1. Loving the winter/holiday inspiration, especially the winter simmer + the holiday cards! Thanks for sharing - M.


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