LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Hey, hey it's Friday!

Hey, hey it's Friday!

17 October 2014

 My week in a nutshell! 
I've been crushing on all things natural and textured lately (hence the theme of my living room). You can only imagine my excitement when I came across this eclectic collection of acadia frames that now live on the floating shelves on my living room wall.

 Hi, my name is Kaylie and I have a Chipotle addiction. I could eat here all day, every day - so good. I'm drooling over this picture as I type.

 I found myself some cute pumpkins for our living room. Love, love, love.
Like how I angled the picture so you could catch another glimpse of my fiddle leaf fig and my new accent table? Obsessed. I'm simply just obsessed.

L and I hopped on a train up to Salem on Sunday and spent some time roaming around the place checking out all of the insanely good decorations and events that were happening. The capital of Halloween was so, so busy and was filled with tons of people dressed up and drunk, it was great! Like our costumes? We dressed as cold and unprepared 20-something year olds.
I spent the better part of my day today running around the North End trying to find pumpkin puree for some homemade pumpkin cookies and frosting. You would think that they sell this stuff at CVS or one of the small grocery stores here, but they really don't. Sad. I finally found some at the Golden Goose. Whew! For a second there I thought that I was going to have to hike it up to Whole Foods.
Ahh yes and that pumpkin deliciousness came out looking a little bit like this...
homemade cinnamon cream cheese frosting should be illegal. I used this recipe!
I shared some of my fall fashion must haves yesterday. I'm no fashion blogger by any means... but these are some essentials that I insist be in everyone's closet come the chilly months!
I'm off to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie "The Best of Me" tonight. Looks super sappy and romantic... I'll be the one crying in the corner of the movie theater - look for me!
Enjoy your weekend!
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