LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Mr. Craig and his list!

Mr. Craig and his list!

05 November 2014

Hi my name is Kaylie, and I'm addicted to Craigslist.

I have used Craigslist to find apartments, jobs, and most recently.. furniture!


Wing Back Chair - $40
Originally - $200
Transportation Cost - $Zilch
I paid $40.00

 Long story short, this guy ended up on the street for trash pick up after a bad paint job done by yours truly.

IKEA Floor Mirror - $100
Craigslist - $40
Transportation - $27.00 (Zipcar)
I paid $67.00

IKEA Floor Lamp - $40
Craigslist - Free
Transportation - $4.20 (MBTA)
I paid $4.20

IKEA Brimnes Dresser (2) - $110 each ($220 for both)
Craigslist - $90
Transportation - Free
I paid $90.00

Overall items that I have bought from Craigslist I have spent: $201.20
Overall amount that I saved not going to the retailers: $358.80


Target 9 cube organizer -$40
Craigslist - $25
Transportation - Free/Pick up
I lost $15.00

Wooden Desk - We got it for free
Craigslist - $40 (+ the sweet lady wanted to give us an extra $40 to help her carry it up the stairs, we only took $20)
Transportation - $8.40 (MBTA) to get to Brighton and back to help her move it
We made $51.60

5' x 8' Rug - It was gifted to me
Craigslist - $50
Transportation - Free! The lady picked it up!
We made $50.00
Overall amount I have made selling items on Craigslist: $86.60

Total amount spent and returned: ($201.20 - 86.60) = $114.60!
Not bad considering that you're factoring in big pieces of furniture including 2 bureaus, a desk, lamps, a rug, a chair, floor mirror, and an organizer! 

Any other Craigslist junkies out there!?
Such an easy way to find fun pieces for so much less!
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  1. I love that huge mirror!! I've always wondered where to find that!!


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