07 November 2014

Just kidding... Pie day is going to be on Sunday this week.
We had our first snow of the season on Sunday. Had it not been snow/rain and actually stuck it certainly would have been worthy of its own post...
L and I were noshing on our weekly eggs and toast when I looked out the window and saw little flakes! You can bet your bottom dollar I hauled it up to the roof deck to get the full effect.
With snow in the air, it was due time to whip out the hand knit wool socks and cuddle with the cat.
We sold that desk that was in out bedroom on craigslist the other day and are now searching for a replacement storage option that is tall with doors and can hide everything. 
What are your thoughts on the IKEA Bergsmo PAX system?
The first present has been wrapped and is patiently waiting for a tree to go under. Oh Prince Postale, please let me know when your trees comes in!?
I just bought my second pair of fall boots from UrbanOg, and once again, I couldn't be happier. I bought a pair of tall riding boots from them last year, and they came flannel lined, good quality and went the entire fall and winter seasons without a single scuff. Score! I wanted a pair of booties, so I picked out these ones, and am so far (after one day), once again impressed. Did I mention they were only $30!?
Okay.. this is where things get weird. I bought a baby fiddle leaf fig back in September, and have been obsessed watching it grow. Every time a new leaf starts to grow, I feel the need to tell the world. Sorry not sorry.

See it starting to sprout!?

 It's the biologist in me, I can't help it.

Moving on... I have a hugely insane collection of wine corks. I am running out of space to keep them, but don't have the heart to throw them out. Any thoughts?

  This is just a very small portion of them!
I hope you have a very wonderful and hopefully long weekend!!

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  1. I'm not sure I was that excited on Sunday when the snow started falling LOL!! Congrats on selling the desk - I have to say anything from ikea dealing with storage is amazing so go for it!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I get so excited for the first snow of the season! Still waiting on ours better believe I'll be running outside to celebrate too.

  3. dying over your little apartment! that natural light is to die for!! and yay for snow!

  4. I'm pretty sure from this post alone that we could be best friends! Yay for the first snowfall (I'm anxiously waiting for ours) and I am loving those wool socks! Did you knit them? Can I get a pair?!

  5. I've seen ppl make a cork board of wine corks! I've also seen people buy those giant wooden letters and hot glue the corks to them and it looks pretty neat!!

  6. Snow, roof top deck?! Oh, I die... Both sound just lovely. Also, those boots are too cute!

  7. Ahhh snow! I'm not ready for it yet!! And loving your fiddle leaf fig - I've been wanting to get one for myself! Happy Monday :)

  8. First snow and first present under the tree....where is 2014 going!??! This year has flown by!

  9. So great that you've had your first snow!! It's still in the 70s here in AZ... I wish we had more of a season change!


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