16 December 2014

Wildcat! (To the tune of Roooadhouse!)

We found ourselves slopeside yesterday for a very impromptu trip up to the beautiful North Conway, NH to enjoy a little piece of the wonderful town. 

North Conway, NH is home to just about every fun activity every east coast bound soul is looking to take in. If you are looking to vacation up here and want to soak in an AMAZING area... this is YOUR PLACE! It has several ski mountains, outlets, cute shops, delicious restaurants, the Saco river, the white mountains, hiking... and much, MUCH more!

This particular trip was so, so last minute that L and I had no idea we were going until an hour before we caught the train to Wells, ME!

We left early, early in the morning Monday and headed over to the mountain to get our dose of skiing in before all the holidays sneak up on us. We usually find ourselves over at Attitash, however they only had 20 trails open, opposed to their sister mountain (Wildcat) who had over 40... mind made.

I had never skied at Wildcat before, and was pleasantly surprised by the absolutely breathtaking views, and the great trails. Driving up the mountain to the base lodge was like entering Narnia... halfway up you suddenly hit a wonderland vortex with snow drenched pine trees and winter everywhere! It was slightly overcast towards the bottom of the mountain, however, halfway up their high speed quad you jump out of the clouds and are literally left staring at a sea of clouds beneath you... amazing! At the top of the mountain you also are also staring straight at Tuckerman's Ravine, which is basically a giant vertical crater on Mount Washington that crazy people hike up and ski down. 

Straight cloud business.

Tuckerman's Ravine is the crater to the left of the summit.

We scored several runs throughout the day and couldn't seem to wrap our heads around the fact that it was THIS beautiful.
These pictures just don't do it justice!
Other mountain looked like little islands peaking out of the clouds.

Other than the handful of season pass holders, we had basically every square inch of that mountain to ourselves. Heck yea! That's what you get for midweek skiing.

I've had so much luck these past couple years with skiing around this day. Last year we went to Okemo around the same time and had an absolutely amazing experience as well. No lines, tons of snow and friendly people. It's the best!

After skiing we moseyed on over to the Grand Hotel to grab some hot cocoa, cider and play some cards and then hopped right over to the outlets to indulge in some 50% off J. Crew action. 

Until the next time, North Conway!
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  1. I LOVE North Conway!! We never go skiing there, but we may have to try it! We usually stick to Maine slopes, but you're the third person this week to talk about skiing in North Conway!!

  2. And now I'm DYING to go skiing! I actually asked for a new pair of ski's for Christmas :) We still don't have any snow... but hopefully soon!

  3. Looks like it was a really great day yesterday!! I'm surprised they had so much snow there since it's been pretty bare here!! Happy Tuesday girl!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. These photos are amazing above the clouds! I loved how you described the snowy landscape like Narnia. It made me very excited about my trip to the snow this Christmas :). Lovely post!


  5. so gorgeous!! i havent gone skiing in years but now i want to! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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