LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: Wine Cork Card Display

Wine Cork Card Display

15 December 2014

By now I'm sure that you have read somewhere on this blog that I have a plethora of wine corks sitting around in apothecary jars and vases in hopes of finding a more permanent home. I collect them from everywhere, and continue to add to it everyday.  Originally, I wanted to create a fun cork board, but while trolling Pinterest, I came across a different rendition of your typical wine cork board - a cork board made of wine corks mounted on a meter stick! This was just the decoration that I needed to fill one of the bare spots on our wall.
 I don't have a designated home for all of our beautiful Christmas cards that we receive, so I figured with holiday cheer in full swing, this would be a great project to use to display all of our incoming cards!
The supplies are simple. All you will need is a meter stick, wine corks (43), glue, and some ribbon!

I started gluing the corks from the top of the meter stick, which I later decided was a bad idea. So I would suggest that you start from the bottom and work your way up that way you don't run into any awkward "I have leftover centimeters sticking out from the bottom" problems.

Don't you just LOVE Irony Chardonnay? They're so witty!

I used Gorilla Glue because I had no other strong glue, or a hot glue gun on hand. If you do use gorilla glue, make sure you apply it right in the middle of the cork and not all over it because it expands and becomes a foam that will drip off the sides. What I have applied to this Raymond cork is too much.

Apply each cork one after another and try to make sure they fit well with the corks that they are laying next to. No need to look at any meter stick business that is showing through.

I let my cork board stick dry for a couple hours and then anxiously decorated it with tree trimmings and cards! I love the natural colors that it brings to our very neutral living room palette.

 And of course we can't forget our own holiday card that we ordered from Tiny Prints this year! Even Macy Cat made the cut! Lucky cat!

We went ahead and framed it for added Christmas decor around the place. We both love how it encapsulates our lives all in one picture!

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  1. I loooove what you did with the wine corks! Such a simple DIY but looks AMAZING! Loooove your Christmas card! Best idea to frame it!

  2. LOVE this DIY! And I have a bazillion wine works saved up in jars ;-P

  3. What a fun DIY and one that you can reuse for years to come!! Your card is so pretty! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. What a fun DIY, that looks amazing! I need to do something like that for our cards, next year!

  5. I love this!!! And I love that you framed your card...I started doing this and love bringing them out each year! :)

  6. This is adorable! And SO easy! I also now want to find some Irony Chardonnay just because I love the corks!

  7. What a easy looking DIY. I have tons of wine corks so I will definitely be trying this out next year! xo


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