LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: It's Supposed to Snow

It's Supposed to Snow

26 January 2015

I woke up this morning to choppers buzzing above the area only to remember that today was the Pats rally at City Hall Plaza. Had I had my face on and the energy and motivation to venture on a 5 minute walk over, I would have loved to go see Tom Brady being worshipped by thousands of Bostonians, however my lazy arse had errands to run and an apartment to clean. #solame

We're supposed to be getting some snow tonight and tomorrow, so I ran around today dropping stuff off at the post office, picking up groceries and doing my laundry. All of this productive activity made me anxious to clean, so I deep cleaned the apartment, took some updated pictures of the place (cause they're the same from the first month that we moved in over 6 months ago) and then threw some cookies in the oven. I'm starting to get excited for Valentine's Day! Heart shaped everything my friends. 

With this blizzard that is supposed to be hitting the Northeast tonight, I have already received emails from NSTAR (my electric company), my landlord, both my jobs are closed for tomorrow, MBTA service is closed for tomorrow as is my Physics class, and the shelves were cleared at CVS. I guess this storm is going to be something.

...because this is the most snow that we have had thus far...

In other news, my face has been glued to Lifetime movies these days. They're so cheesy, but they suck you in so bad. I watched four the other day, in a row. You know what I could have been doing that night? I could've been eating at Bricco where JLaw was the other day. Why do I always miss out on this kind of stuff!?

Oh, and I once again walked into my vain cat staring at herself in the mirror. This show is all about her.

We're all snuggled up noshing on cookies and hot cocoa waiting for a blizzard... this city needs some snow!
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  1. That picture of your cat is so funny, Huck does that too. He just lays in front of it and stares at himself. Stay warm tonight!! At least you have fresh cookies!

  2. Stay warm, lady! Can I just say how much I love your mirror, it is super fabulous!!!! Where did you get it?

    I love heart shaped everything, it's the best!


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