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Apartment Updates

27 January 2015

I realized the other day that my "home tour" pictures were from the very first day and month that we moved in, so I found myself determined to get some updated pictures up for ya. Not a WHOLE lot has changed, but enough for it to not look like a college dorm room. We got rid of a few pieces of furniture like this chair and this wardrobe and bought all new rugs, and pieces for each room. Without further adieu, here's a quick tour! (AND hopefully these pics will make it up to the "home tour" tab as well... we'll see how productive I am today on my SNOW DAY!

Our kitchen/living/dining multi-purpose room is very open concept like it was in our last apartment which makes it convenient for lounging around and having everyone in the same place.

At this point, all of our furniture is the "screw it together yourself" furniture due to the difficulty of moving it up and down three flights of stairs. We scored a killer deal on our jute rugs from Rugs USA, bought some floating shelves from IKEA which we decorated with acadia wood frames. Our little accent table and TV stand were from Target, and out futon was something that we reused from our old apartment that we threw a cover over to blend it into our color scheme a little better. We would like to get some frames hung on the wall, however that's something that I've been dancing with for awhile.

The other half of our "multipurpose" room is the kitchenette area which consists of our table and "bar cart". I would love to get some new chairs for that table, but I think that that is going to have to be something that wait until we have a little more space. 

Our bedroom "theme" is very crisp and clean with white furniture and bright accents. Our bureaus are from IKEA and our nightstands are from Target as well... and that mirror... IKEA. I love that store. Once again we scored our rug from Rugs USA and please don't mind our Christmas sheets... I'm still stuck in December with all of this beautiful snow!

Right off of our bedroom is a bathroom which I really don't think you guys would care to see... and we also have a smaller room/office on the back end of the apartment which is currently my Monica Geller closet... will have to share pictures later. It's an eclectic mix of extra furniture, clothes and boxes. 

 We did end up getting a handful of snow last night as predicted and are spoiled rotten with a snow day today! Everything is closed and people are cross country skiing through the streets of the North End, and sledding where they can. 

Last night L and I chased down the CNN news crew and now I'm off to go spend the rest of my day playing the in the snow, drinking hot cocoa, and making snow ice cream! 

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  1. Haha love the Monica Gellar closet reference! And don't worry, we still have our Christmas sheets on too :) They're just so comfy and cozy - plus it's still freezing outside!!

  2. Looks great! I love the color of your doors too!!


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