LIFE AS YOU LIVE IT: St. Patty's Day and Other Happenings

St. Patty's Day and Other Happenings

31 March 2015

This really should have gone up two weeks ago, however I refuse to go into April without a St. Patricks Day recap, and I thought it was due time to get some pictures up here to keep you in the loop! We did nothing mind blowing this year. Nope, nada, zilch. In fact, we kept it so simple that Landon didn't even wear green! Can you believe it? You can bet your bottom dollar I pinched him crazy and harassed the poor guy all day! 
I did make these delicious cinnamon chips out of tortillas, and they were indeed quite the hit! I wanted to make sugar cookies so bad so I could use my shamrock cookie cutter, but since I am in the middle of the 21 Day Fix I opted for a much healthier way to play with my cookie cutter. 
These are so easy, you can make them in your sleep! Cut out your favorite shape using a cookie cutter, scissors or a knife, lay them on a cookie sheet, spray them down with PAM (or if you're fancy, lightly brush them with melted butter), and toss your cinnamon sugar all about. Bake at 400 for about 7 minutes or until the edges start to turn light brown. Serve with fruit, chocolate syrup, caramel... anything really!
In other news, eating clean has been going very, very well. It's amazing what a huge difference it makes, and how much more energy you have! Here's a little snapshot into my weekly meal planning. I'm obsessed with these containers. They are 8 ounces, which is perfect for the nutrition plan that I'm following. Basically, I measure out my portions way at the beginning of the week, and all throughout the week all I have to do is grab what I want and it's all set to go! 

I've also found my new favorite snack. These no bake protein balls. When I start to get the munchies at night, need some protein in the morning, or want something sweet after dinner these little guys are the perfect remedy. One or two of these will fill me right up!
The hard drive on my macbook took a turn for the worse the other day. Out of nowhere my fairly new Macbook froze so I turned it off in an attempt to restart it and was disappointed to find a grey screen with a file folder and a blinking question mark in the middle. No matter what I did, I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I even took the backpack off, unscrewed things and took the hard drive out myself. It was definitely a gone-er. Everything was gone. EVERYTHING. Every last document, picture, bookmark.... so moral of the story, save all of your documents in google drive, save all of your bookmarks with google chrome, and back everything up on an external hard drive. I was reduced to tears.
Luckily, my brother does IT, so I shipped it out to him, where he was able to install a whole new hard drive and ribbon, as well as update everything and recover all of my information for a fraction of the price I'm sure Apple would have tried to swindle me for. What happened, and what was the problem? It was a manufacturing issue that apparently happens all the time to people unexpectedly... so if this isn't making you rethink where all of your docs are saved, I don't know what will!? Coming from someone who is plugged in way too much that I should be, I was lost for a week without my documents, and was on the struggle bus trying to make ends meet in terms of work and other assignments. 
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