Happy Easter

06 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Here's to hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday filled with lots of love, joy, family and sweets!

L and I finally took advantage of living down the street from Old North Church and attended their Easter service. Being in America's Church truly is such a neat experience and I love that they still hold two services every Sunday. They had chandeliers filled with candles that were all lit, and the music was very traditional with a choir, organist and a brass band for the holiday! What an amazing service, we will definitely be back.

L and I put together Easter "bowls" this year mainly because we couldn't justify baskets that would get in the way the other 364 days of the year. Storage space is limited, so we opted to use our beautiful white serving dishes instead. I had so much fun putting together L's bowl! Being the huge cereal eater that he is, I picked up an adorable cereal bowl and I also threw in a bunch of candy, clothes, a candle, etc. L hooked me up with a ton of kit kats, an amazon gift card, and he filled an entire carton with cadbury eggs!! I was one happy chick. 

When it came to hiding each others bowls... we are both apparently wrong in the head. Inspired by my sister, I wrapped his up in a bag and hid it in the clean litter box. When it came to me finding mine, I looked every where and finally after 15 minutes, and a game of hot and cold found mine buried at the bottom of our trash can, covered in coffee grounds, last nights dinner, banana peels, and who knows what else!

We have a video of each other finding each others Easter bowls, but it's in the vertical format and super long. #rookie

We ended the night with pizza while watching the Wolf of Wall Street, so of course I whipped up a batch of the best sugar cookies on the planet, and made them super bright and fun!

...and what's a post without a super ferocious picture of my pet lion.  

 Happy Monday, friends! 

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  1. I think it's amazing that you went to the service at Old North Church - it looks so pretty inside!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I LOVE the cadbury eggs in the egg crate! Such a cute idea!


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