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Weekend Life and Links

24 October 2015


I hope everyone is getting their daily dose of fall in because a week from today is HALLOWEEN!! I tried to decorate the apartment a little bit, however we just don't have many fall decorations to do that. A few lights, a sign and pumpkins will have to do. I wanted to swing by and share with you a few things that caught my eye this week! 

  • These boots have been on my need list for a couple years now. I just can't justify a $600+ price tag though. Maybe later :(
  • I just opened an Etsy shop (like 5 minutes ago, what!?), I'll be filling you in later on in the week about that adventure!
  • I cut my hair to a long bob a month ago and think it's a style I'm going to stick with, look how fun all these long bobs are!
  • I would like to create a post based around this same concept, but in the meantime... 25 top stocking stuffers! Have you started shopping? ;)
  • I am definitely jumping the gun here, but isn't this stencil genius!?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. I can't wait to see your Etsy shop! Thats so exciting! And I see those boots everywhere! I love them too, but yeah, waaayyyyy too much money :(


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