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Amazon Lust List

22 January 2016

I cannot stress enough how much use I have gotten out of my awesome Amazon Prime membership. Considering the amount of money time I invest into picking out items that I need, I think it's safe to say that I won't be leaving that deal anytime soon. I recently received an Amazon gift card in the mail and wanted to pop in and share my current Amazon lust list with you.

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  1. These Fujifilm Instax cameras are all of the rage these days. I can think of a long list of ideas as to what you can do with polaroids and desperately want to add this to my camera arsenal. I'm also going to have to stock up on some extra film, lots of ideas brewing here!

  2. The ever popular Diptyque candles can be found on Amazon in my very favorite scent, berries and bulgarian roses. These candles are so dreamy, and their empty jars are perfect for organizing desk accessories, and makeup! They also offer a smaller (2.4 oz.) version for a fraction of the price!

  3. Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite board games to date. My mom bought this game from a small little book store in Ohio years ago and it still consistently ranks very high come family game nights! The purpose of the game is to make a continuous train that connects all of your destinations. Winner is whoever has the most points! My parents have this game at their house, however I have yet to add it to my growing collection!

  4. Hello, genius thermostat! When I own a home, the first thing I'm installing is a Nest. I don't think I need to go into too much detail about this magic, but it basically reads your mind and adjusts the temperature of your house accordingly ;)

  5. I'm an organizing junkie and have a newfound love for packing cubes. I recently received some from Lands End for Christmas and lurve with a capital URVE them! Eagle Creek is a pretty popular brand as well and offer a handful of options on Amazon!

  6. Next Christmas I want to have a faux sheepskin rug as a tree skirt that can double as a fun decor piece. I don't know why, but I love it! I don't think it could possibly get any more cozier and chic than that.

  7. During a conversation with an associate of mine the other day he mentioned that he had walked over 22,000 steps at work in only a few hours which was equivalent to over 10 miles. Maybe I need to get a Fitbit to track how many steps I can clock in! I don't know if it would be 10 miles, but I'm sure it would be pretty decent considering I don't own a car and walk everywhere! Who knows, maybe I do walk over 10 miles a day? That'd be pretty cool!

  8. I secretly want one of these beats pills, and I don't even know why? I have something very similar that works like a charm, however the convenience of having something so small that you can tote around everywhere sounds so appealing! I would take that thing on vacation with me and rock out in the hotel room with it! Oh yes!

  9. I don't need all of the bells and whistles when it comes to a GoPro, however I do think it would be fun to have one on hand to record memories from ski trips and water activities! Not to mention, these little beauties produce quality pictures and videos. Food for thought.

Okay, so how many times did I mention Christmas in this post? Can you tell I still have the holidays on my brain!?

These items are all of course items that you can purchase at different stores, however I prefer the convenience that Amazon offers.

What are your favorite Amazon finds? Please Share!!

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  1. I have been wanting those packing cubes for so long!! We are going to Hawaii in a few weeks and I haven't pulled the trigger yet but I think I need them! And my fitbit just died but I have been seriously missing it. My phone tracks my steps pretty loosely but I have been looking into getting a new one because they are really motivating! I just told Blake last week that I really want a GoPro. I just wish they weren't so expensive!


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